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  1. these are the ones... https://www.hifisound.de/en/Hifi-Accessories/Vinyl-Accessories/Pick-up-Cable/Rega-Spacer-Set-1-3-5-MM.html
  2. If there is a Rega 'cartridge alignment sheet', then that would be perfect. I presume that exists somewhere or on Vinyl engine Website - I personally have not downloaded one. If not, just measure with a quality ruler the inner (R = 60mm) and outer null points (R = 114.7mm) along the same line, like what I did on the photos above You could also buy a cartridge protractor and they can be up to $250 - I have seen them for Project turntables, may not be useful on your Rega because of different tonearm length. And, also don't worry about the 222mm spindle to tonearm dimen
  3. Hi It can be confusing...the 3D image attached may help because it helped me understand what we are trying to achieve. I have also attached a couple of photos of how I set it up, using a generic cartridge alignment template, with the added Rega dimensions marked on. The RB250 is a famous tonearm and I believe the geometry has remained the same (somebody correct me if otherwise), so the overhang of 15mm remains. Depending on your cartridge, the 15mm, pushed my Audiotechnica cartridge to almost the furthermost point / limit. Also, ensure your cartridge VTF (tr
  4. Hi Wikeeboy How did you go with the setup? I don’t believe you need a ‘dedicated protractor’ for the Rega.. except you need these dimensions. a) cartridge overhang 15mm b) outer null point radius 114.7mm c) inner null point radius 60mm I am a rookie too and set up a Rega arm and new cartridge last weekend... and there it sounds good with minimal distortion. Enjoy 👌 Derek
  5. Hi Paul I am no expert in platter mats but do not mind experimenting with different easily available materials. Also , the platter material ( metal, mdf, actylic etc)may influence what type of mat works more effectively. Thickness of the mat will affect VTA and sound quality. On my mdf platter (Project entry level tt)the thin 1.5mm non tacky kitchen perforated liner worked quite well, but can roll off treble, which made me think the bass improved. Effective if playing bright recordings i suppose. It cost less than $1. Derek
  6. That’s good to know. Your Essential has a more sophisticated tonearm than my Primary, you can adjust antiskate but i cannot, so I think i’m stuck with OM family but dont mind it. Did you upgrade to the acrylic platter by any chance?
  7. Hi All Are there any Project Primary E or Project Elemental users out there in Melbourne ? I have ressurected my original Pioneer A400X and Epos 11 speakers to start a second system during the ‘lockdown’. Using a Vincent Pho-8 phono stage The new turntable sits on an Ikea lack table, a Mission isoplat and addition 3mm EVA foam pads... the turntable is immune to foot traffic, i have a timber floor. The sound is very coherent and dynamic, and exceeded my expectation for a budget and well built tt. Derek
  8. Looking forward to being part of this Audio Community .
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