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  1. I am surprised this hasn’t sold. It would make a great starter turntable as Regas are very well engineered , has a good cartridge and this arm has the adjustable antiskate rather than magnetic ones. GLWTS
  2. Hello - Does anyone have a spare ProJect glass or metal platter that is 8-12mm thick with a centre hole of approx 7mm? It came with a warped ( think ‘mushroom’), warped platter - an inherent fault. I cannot use the Acryl-it because it is too thick. My spindle measures 19mm high x 7mm dia approx, and uses a subplatter similar in laypit to Rega and the Debut Carbons. I am unable to use the Rega glass platters either because rega spindles ( base widens) are different , i believe Am also awaiting a response from Interdyn as to what spares they have but tgoufht i would ask o
  3. I have not installed the 95e yet, that will be installed in a Stanley Engineering Cocobolo wood body which i will do in a few weeks time - as i need to learn how to cut the stylus carefully out of its casing, by watching more youtube videos. However, going back to the 3600L, which i really like, I have been comparing the LP Gear CF3600LE - carbon cantilever with simple ‘cut’ eliptical. This stylus has a fuller midbass, and very good treble extension; whereas the Black diamond has a clearer but somehow less ‘thick’ midband, possibly due to aluminium cantilever. It is a 10-15 sec sty
  4. Btw...based on this thread, I have ordered the Analogis nude ellipticals for the AT3600L and 95e cartridges. Dealing with @cafe latte was a pleasure with excellent service, communication and a very fair price. The styli sound excellent and fit was excellent ? Derek
  5. Further information: Brand new, bought few years ago but never installed. Retails A$590 currently. Can upgrade to 2M Black stylus. Excellent reviews on Stereophile etc. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation fo
  6. @aussievintage @cafe latteQuestion regarding Stanley Engineering wood bodies for AT cartridges Does the AT95e wooden body fit a AT3600L ‘generator’ metal body.? Thanks Derek
  7. @aussievintage....I suspect the wooden body should help tame some vibration and resonances which should allow the stylus and generator to work a bit better... one would think and hope...
  8. AV.... keen to follow your wooden body mod for the AT95e and keen to hear whether the mod ‘transforms’ it. I have the LP Gear CF95SE but unopened because I am running the CF3600LE eliptical on the ubiquituous AT3600L, which is very ‘lively and detailed’ but i cam detect a lack if refinement at the top end. i get to compare it with a Garrott p77i which is not ‘lively’ but very smooth on theand refined on treble. If both aspects can merge.....:)
  9. I actually prefer the AT3600L sound to the VM95C /E, have both. I also ordered the LP gear eliptical upgrade for AT3600L - more natural sounding and less bright compared to VM95e ( unless i didnt ‘run’ it in long enough
  10. Incredible value for money, those 'White' pads from Bunnings, and extremely effective especially with wooden floors and unsuspended turntables. I use them under the (unsuspended) turntable, under the t/table support etc.....
  11. You may also wish to consider a Vincent Pho8... they are superb and affordable and have plenty of rave reviews also
  12. For a new turntable, the Rega Planar 2 would be a good choice. Excellent engineering and great tonearm ‘feel’ and sound. Project tonearms can feel a bit flimsier, but also sound very good. Try the cueing mechanism on both.
  13. Hi there I’d like to be next in line if the deal falls through...:) Derek
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