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  1. Thanks Old Man Rubber, that's really helpful. Both look like nice vintage players which is where my interest lies. Not sure my hearing will ever allow me to be a true audiophile but I'm enjoying listening to vinyl again . Almost afraid to say but using an old HMV 8+8 at the moment. Just after something nice to pair with an old Rotel RA 610 Amp (would love the matching RT 620 Tuner if ones out there?) As I'm very much on a budget I didn't want to pay too much, which I'm now thinking I would have done with regards to the CEC.
  2. Hi All, I have been offered a couple of turntables, CEC Harksound BD 3200. It looks near mint to me, As very much a novice I have no idea about cartridges' etc. and I know the can effect price. I have been asked to make an offer. Any ideas on value and if it is a decent turntable? The other is a Dual 1229. Again, in very neat condition although not as clean as the CEC. Same deal, wants me to make an offer. Any ideas on a price and overall qualities and features of the two turntables would be much appreciated. I'm not much of a wheeler and dealer, p
  3. Thanks LogicprObe and lenticularis those receivers look great and a pretty simple solution. I guess wiring in a module would be quite a bit cheaper but as I am not really confident enough to take that on at the moment something like this looks pretty good. Seller knocked a few more dollars off so picking up on Friday. Again, thanks to everyone offering advice, this is a fantastic site and really helps the thought process of novices like me. In keeping with that, RCAJack mentioned the need for a stylus pressure gauge (thank you, I didn't even know they were a thing). Ar
  4. Ha ha, yes! $1500 can get you some pretty nice Jousting Sticks these days. ?
  5. BTW, the one I showed my daughter is advertised for $1500. It looks immaculate but wow!
  6. Thanks Old Man Rubber and RCA Jack, Really interesting information and video. The more I think about it the Bluetooth and an input would really give this thing a new lease of life and is almost essential for the youngsters as you guys suggest. Haven't got the confidence to do myself at this stage but its good to understand the concept. Hopefully. Ill find someone here. Will have a chat with the seller tonight and see if I can get him down a few more dollars. Knowing that the turntable and radio under the hood look almost new and are functioning as they should (has a BSR
  7. Thanks All, My daughters 18 but loves everything 60's/70's including her vinyl of that era and will get plenty of use out of the turntable. Digs her Bob Dylan, Canned Heat, Gerry Rafferty and has now discovered Australian Crawl. Having said all that, she still listens to the current stuff as well so Bluetooth / phone input ideas from Old Man Rubber and RCA Jack is a great idea. I wonder how hard it is to do. I'm guessing the BT module would be connected to the internal amp. Anyone out there with experience? Also, curious if anyone knows or can recommend someone who repa
  8. Hi, I have been offered a PYE SL Four Sixty One Vintage Stereo (pictured below) for $150. I'm thinking of buying and trying to restore and give to my daughter for Christmas. It all works and to me has a pretty sweet sound but I am a novice. Turntable, radio, all working and almost look new. Speaker tops (or pot plant stands) are obvious issue. All veneer is sound, no chipping , warping or bubbling. Do you think this could be brought back to its former glory and is it worth $150? Appreciate any advice including tips on restoring etc.
  9. SBW

    Rotel RT-620

    Item: ROTEL RT-620 Tuner. Price Range: Item Condition: USED Extra Info: Anyone got a ROTEL RT-62O Tuner tucked away somewhere. Just starting out on my vintage journey and was given a working RA-610 Amp; figure it would be nice to pair with matching tuner. Thanks.
  10. SBW


    Cheers, thanks for the tips and will do. Your right, their is an incredible array of information and very knowledgeable people on here. Its very inspiring but a little intimidating as well; but having a bit of fun and seeing where it ends up is definitely the way to go. Thanks again.
  11. Firstly, thanks to all for contributing to such a fantastic site. I arrive here like many. having rediscovered my love for vinyl. While helping my 18 yo daughter with her vinyl collection I found it increasingly difficult to part with many of the records that evoked such great memories of the seventies and early eighties. I am now re-accumulating my own collection (my wife calls it a stash as my daughter doesn't know about it yet) and as a fan of mid century furniture etc, looking for advice on vintage turntables and amplifiers. Cheers
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