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  1. I live in country Victoria, John, so both of those are out of the question. I'm thinking when Melbourne exits lockdown, I'll go and audition some Elacs and also some Klipsch, along with a few others.
  2. Nordost, no, I haven't heard Klipsch in action, although I've read that the RP-500Ms are good. Did you have any particular model in mind?
  3. Good afternoon all, Would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with Elac speakers, particularly the Debut 2 - B6.2. They get very good reviews and are very affordable at around $700, but unfortunately only come in black. They would be to replace my Wharfedale Diamond 9.5s from around 2005. I bought them when I lived in a full-size house, but now I'm only in a small townhouse and space is at a premium. I use a Yamaha R-N602 receiver with an old Yamaha CD player, which will soon be replaced by a new Yamaha CD-C600 5 Disc Changer. My longish "shortlist" for speakers is
  4. Nice bit of furniture that's been well repurposed.
  5. Thanks Esoterica, it does seem that only Apple products are catered for with the USB (and USBs, of course). I was hoping to be able to leave the tablet plugged in and charging, even when not being used for playback, but I now think that I can do that and connect the tablet to the amp via bluetooth. Thanks for your suggestion.
  6. Good evening all, I have recently taken delivery of a Yamaha R-N602 Network Receiver, which I am now in the process of setting up. I would like to permanently connect a Samsung tablet for better control / access of my iTunes Library ( I'm old and easier-to-read library lists are helpful), but I'm not sure which input, if any, I can use. I obviously want to avoid damage to either the Receiver or the Tablet, so asking if anyone has the necessary knowledge. A pic of the rear panel is attached. N602 Rear Panel.pdf
  7. Sorry happydoomer, I have already sold it.
  8. Hi Smako, there is one listed for sale, in Melbourne, on Marketplace for $400, brand new in box and unopened.. EDIT: Sorry, I just saw "Sydney pick-up only".
  9. Well, it just goes to show that if you ask, you get answers. Once I increased the volume of the iPod, there wasn't a need to crank up the amp. I also discovered another feature of the R-N602; it's called Volume Trim and allows you to increase the normal volume on each source. Thanks again, fellas.
  10. Thanks for that tip, Old Man Rubber, I wasn't aware that the bluetooth volume is different. I will try that fix later today, and I'll let you know the result. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Guys, Firstly, I trust I have posted this thread in the correct area. I am presently setting up a new Network Receiver (Yamaha R-N602) to replace an aging Yamaha AV Receiver and, after connecting my CD player and modifying my speaker connections, I tackled the connection of my iPod via bluetooth. After pairing the iPod with the receiver, I attempted playback and found that I had to turn the big round knob substantially clockwise to get an acceptable listening level. Can anyone explain why the bluetooth playback of the iPod does not match that of the CD player when set at the same
  12. Thanks very much for your replies. Once the travel restrictions are lifted in Victoria, I will advertise the turntable for sale as I would prefer a pick-up sale. Too bloody heavy to post. Thanks again for your help.
  13. The 165 has a metal platter, and is fitted with an Ortofon F 15 E cartridge. As you can see in photo 4, the faceplate beneath the platter has some scuffing from when I transported it in my car and didn't tighten the shipping screws. 😡
  14. Good evening all, I am the owner of a 1970s Thorens TD-165 turntable, which is in good original condition and nothing is broken. As I haven't used it for 20 years (I think) and it's taking up valuable storage space, I feel it is time to dispose of it. My questions to you are: 1. Is their a market for it, and 2. If so, what would be a reasonable price to ask for it?? Thanks in anticipation.
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