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  1. @betty boop Thank you for this it really is fascinating what they are able to do with sound these days @niterida Thank you for the response I am new into the audiophile world and until recently hadn't given much thought about anything more than 2.1 and have only recently installed rear speakers but I find this discussion fascinating and it will definitely help guide my future purchasing decisions. As for bicep no its not Atmos its minimalist tech house(?) which I would think would lend itself well to upmixing ttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0EBaf8V4eTQUrh1Hq4s5E
  2. @niterida Thank you for taking the time to reply. It's good to see some forward thinking in the audio community and it definitely provides some food for thought around upgrading in future. I am wondering a couple things if you don't mind answering. 1. Some speakers have a narrower listening field while some are larger is narrower better for accuracy and atmos? 2. Why P.A. speakers aren't they normally loudness over accuracy? 3. What are you using to upmix is it just your AVR or is there some specialty equipment for that? Thanks again, Jono
  3. Annnddd its gone. If anyone here picked up these speakers and wants to onsell the centre let me know.
  4. Unless its changed in the last few months 9500h doesnt have HDMI 2.1 if that makes a difference to you. Thats why i opted for 9000H.
  5. This is a very interesting topic and I've wondered for a while why it doesn't get talked about more and why there isn't more music produced for atmos or in the very least 5.1 as so many people have that these days. Can anyone tell me how important the quality of the surround and top speakers are for immersive music. I know for cinema anything beyond the front two is generally given lower budget and consideration, I was wondering if this affects listening to these albums?
  6. Hi @kiwimeat I can't offer much on the audio side but as for the TV i currently have a 85" sony x9000 and have found it to be great. While not OLED it is still a fantastic TV. I would definitely recommend getting the 85 over the 75 it just makes it that much more immersive. (my previous was 65") There are some new TVs coming out this year from sony not sure when but it might give you a bit of leverage for a deal on the current gen.
  7. Thank you @Rustee @GregWormald I've ordered a brush and will give the glue method a go next time. I saw they also sell this glue has anyone tried this one? https://www.artshedonline.com.au/mont-marte-adhesive-clear-pva-craft-glue-500g @EV Cali I think I'll avoid that just because I don't have confidence in not making a muck of it and soaking my records Also some microfibre cloths are advertised as anti-static why is this an issue? Or is it just marketing? @audiofeline @April SnowI found the spin cleaner you mentioned I think I will wait for
  8. hi, I've just started listening to records and have a question about cleaning dust and whatnot off vinyl records. Can anyone suggest the best SUB $50 way to clean. I have seen anything from dunking in the sink to cleaning solutions and brushes. While my collection of vinyl may not be the most expensive i still don't wont to damage them. Is something like these any good? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Accessory-Record-Vinyl-LP-Cleaning-Kit-BRUSH-STYLUS-Cleaning-Fluid-Label-Prote/233804588365 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Discrepancy-Records-LP-Vinyl-Cleaning-Kit-Anti-Stati
  9. I'd take them but... lockdown? When do you need them gone by?
  10. Not sure what models but interesting Whatmough if someone is in NSW(not me) Has listed at 157 and 450? ebay.com.au/itm/Whatmough-Speakers-Yamaha-5-1-250-w-Channel-Mixer/402592235879?hash=item5dbc5e0167:g:C44AAOSwwUlfbr~t https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Whatmough-Speakers-Yamaha-5-1-250-w-Channel-Mixer/402592245536?hash=item5dbc5e2720:g:C44AAOSwwUlfbr~t
  11. Thanks @Igotmearecord it's working fairly well now. Now I just need to get something cheap to clean the dusty old records I have. I even found someone in china selling replacement ear pads for the U70 headphones. Here's what I did as documentation for future if it helps anyone else. In the centre there is two screws that hold the lid down. I read somewhere that this is how it locks? So after undoing them I moved the position of the lid up slightly and redid the screws just looser and higher and this works and even the hinges are still good. Then wh
  12. Hi all, I just got a Beocenter 7002 from my grandma and have a couple questions. I was hoping someone here has come across one before. It powers on fine and I can get the radio working mostly. However the lid for the record player appears stuck? I assume its a manual lid not automatic there's some screws that lead to hinge I think at the back but I'm a bit unsure of whether that will release the lid. Also as this hasn't been used in 20+ years is there any maintenance that you would recommend? Thanks Jono P.S. Heres a couple links
  13. thanks @almikel i was wondering how people were quoting others and i couldn't find it in the FAQ So from what I understand is that rather than reflecting off the wooden floor reflecting off something hard would give the sound more punch whereas putting the anti vibration pads stops windows and other things rattling and resonating. So two different ways to make the audio sound better. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I have now moved the sub as suggested by @hopefullguy It is now behind my listening position in the centre of the room next to the wall an
  14. Hi all Thanks for the response everyone. My system is 4.1 i built it on a very limited budget.(although the rear speakers are just add ons which i got for nothing with the sub). I am running a Yamaha RX-V767. It is purely digital. PC audio out to amp via DVI with HDMI out from PC to TV. To hopefullguy yes the sub is not amazing but I got it under 200 which i felt like was a good deal at the time as this is my first system and I wanted to add more to low end without spending too much. I am interested in your reason for suggesting placing on something sol
  15. First thanks muon* ill definitely go buy those from Bunnings. Second for A.I.M. here you go a couple images to help you understand what I am working with the T.V. is at the bottom of the room layout. It has to be lounge and dining so the couch is halfway into the room with the dining table on the other side. The speakers are about a metre in front of T.V (Sony 85" T.V. Wharfedale 220 speakers). Any other room corrections you see would be helpful. When you say set controls do you mean temporarily set crossover lower? Should I unplug all other speakers?(They are bananas
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