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  1. Thanks Dazz I’ve convinced myself to go the Krix.
  2. They would be the choice for me but just too big for the wife to handle. I can get away with a lot but two big black lumps of subwoofer is not one of them.
  3. I got my shield as a freebie when I bought my Sony 4K projector. I’m sure you can find one if you look hard enough.
  4. Well. If the app is not really required after Audessey has done its thing. Then I’m leaning towards the Krix Sub. Always was leaning towards a ported sub and a bonus by supporting an Aussie company. Multi sub was always my intention although will have to get the second when funds allow. cheers
  5. Quark I have the Marantz SR6014 and have stumped up the $35 for the Audyssey app to try and get room EQ sorted.
  6. Hi guys the next piece in the HT jigsaw are the dual subs. My room is approx 5 x 5 x 2.7 and am looking at either the SVS SB2000 Pro or the Krix Tektonix. Price wise there is nothing in it and I understand that I’m comparing sealed to ported but they are relatively the same size with slightly different height dimensions but still within the aesthetic’s that my wife will let me get away with. LCR are Kef Q950 and Q650C with Q350 surrounds. 90% Movie use just looking to get some idea of which way to go. I do like the idea of the SVS App for set up. chee
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I have a clearer understanding of how to tackle the room. I think I will head down the 5.2.4 route initially and see how it performs before I go the whole 7.2.4 setup, as was said earlier it may not be required once everything is set up correctly in the room I have. 08Boss302, nice one with the link to the wall brackets, they look pretty tidy and look as though they hold the Q350's nicely, I think for the price I will order some whether I decide to go on the wall or not. I have solid brick walls so with the correct fixings I should be ok, so
  8. Thanks niterida I’m running a Marantz SR6014 at the moment so yes a 5.2.4 is supported out the box. My thoughts were to back the SR6014 up with an external 2 or 3 channel amp to get the 7.2.4 and power the front sound stage with that. So using the atmos Q50a at height in the same angles from the MLP that Dolby suggest would not create the same effects as ear level speakers being used as surrounds and surround backs. I suppose going the 5.2.4 route can be my initial setup and if i feel its lacking I can always get some more speakers later. So your saying stay
  9. Hi all my first post. I have been playing at home theatre for almost 15 years now but never with the house or funds to be serious with the hobby. As it turns out as you get older you get higher paying jobs but with higher bills to fund lifestyles so excess funds still seem to be scarce. Funds are still a little tight caused mainly by the inhouse bank manager, but finally have a home with a dedicated space 4.9m W x 4.8m L. Living in WA the room is on the 1st floor. The room construction is concrete slab floor with carpet, the 2 outer walls double brick and the other 2 si
  10. Just saying hi to you all out there. Cheers for the add
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