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  1. Totally agree @sir sanders zingmore, have been absolutely floored by the amount of people responding to this newbie topic with helpful suggestions that have broadened my options past the usuals found on google searches. @el toro’s offer takes the cake for generosity though. Very appreciative of everyone taking the time to respond to this.
  2. Thanks very much @el toro, just sent you a PM to hopefully arrange something.
  3. Thanks very much @08Boss302 for the recommendations. The Ares has been recommended previously, the Ares II specifically, so it’s pretty high on the shortlist at the moment. I’ll also have a look at the Pro-ject and Cambridge too. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks @danrey, certainly ticks a lot of boxes for me!
  5. Thanks @danrey, that is helpful advice. Geez the Topping is coming up pretty regularly, it’s going to be hard to go past that with all the recommendations for it today. TT, speakers and amp are all things I will look to change out in the next few months.
  6. Thanks very much @firedog. The Topping has certainly come up a number of times now, so under serious consideration. Thanks for the Schiit recommendation too. I have their Mani phono preamp and think it’s great. I’ve seen their DACs mentioned a few times online too as good options so might be worth a look too.
  7. Thanks very much for the recommendation @scuzzii!
  8. Thanks for the advice @recur. Your suggestion might be the way to go re: the Topping. I don't think my girlfriend will let me do much of the interior designing though, the cushions are her domain!
  9. Thanks @gwurb, definitely some useful information!
  10. Thanks everyone for your contributions. There is certainly a lot to think about and research. I know there is some work to be done in the rest of the system to gain the sound I want, the DAC is not the answer. I suppose the reason for this forum is hoping to get some recommendations on good entry-level DACs for the discreet use I am looking for that might add some warmth, but ok if not. There have been plenty of options provided to me, thank you, and I have already started looking into them. Feel free to send them coming! I'll certainly start a new forum for perspective
  11. Oh they certainly get loud @PCOWandre, especially paired with the Yamaha which doesn’t seem to break a sweat. But we don’t listen to concert level music, prefer it more for background than anything else. That’s why I might look for bookshelves that sound bigger than what they are, when the time comes. Music wise we have a bit of everything, alternative rock, electronic (both upbeat and ambient), hip hop and rob, singer-songwriter, harder rock. We’re looking at expanding our jazz vinyl too. So I like to think of ourselves as all-rounders.
  12. Thanks very much @akjono and no, not entirely happy with my current vinyl set-up. Looking forward to Melbourne lockdown being over so I can get out and about and audition some different speakers, amps and phono stages. I have also been experimenting with “better than stock” cables and found that has assisted somewhat. Thank you for the DAC recommendation, I’ll definitely have a look into this one too.
  13. Thanks @PCOWandre, @spamnoj and @Batty, all very helpful advice and I will look into them all. Completely understand that a cheap DAC is not going to fix my current problems. Probably just looking for a good quality and if it has a warmer tone then all the better. But certainly not the be-all and end-all.
  14. Thanks @allthumbs and @sir sanders zingmore for the feedback, very helpful.
  15. Completely understand @buddyev. I’m more thinking of using this as the first step in correcting things over the next few months. I want to find a DAC now to be able to use it, and I don’t want to have to on-sell it down the track. Or if I do, it will be for a streamer. But bigger fish to fry before then. I very much have my eye on other speaker, amp (although the brushed silver Yamaha is aesthetically pleasing) and phono stage options.
  16. Thanks very much @Bill125812. Definitely interested in anything Australian made and Gieseler seems to be a name that pops up regularly with a lot of good feedback.
  17. @buddyev this is slightly embarrassing but I have Dali Concept 6 floor standers (room is 44.3m square, so it’s large). I know they are on the bright side but I was able to pick them up second hand without breaking the budget, which was a priority at the time. As I mentioned, over the next 12 months I’ll look to upgrade in quality, but downsize to bookshelves.
  18. Thanks very much @buddyev and @recur, already much more helpful advice than I have been able to find elsewhere and a couple suggestions not previously on the radar.
  19. Hi all, lurker for a few weeks, first time poster. From what I’ve read in these forums, seems like you have a great community here. I’m in the market for an entry-level DAC. Nothing advanced, all I want to do is stream Spotify from a Chromecast Audio. Vinyl is my focus, this is to just give me access to what I don’t own. I’ll bypass the CCA’s internal DAC via a Toslink cable and connect to my Yamaha A-S501 via RCA (therefore avoiding the amp’s internal DAC). This is my first stereo system and has been put together through second hand purchases during Melbourne lockdown.
  20. I also tried sending a message Allan. Happy to line up for this accordingly. Cheers, Chris.
  21. New to then Hi-fi world and quickly developing an addiction...
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