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  1. Been a while since I posted on this thread, but for all of those playing at home, things have certainly come full circle in that time.


    Lockdown ended and I have since sold the Yamaha amp and Dali speakers, and purchased a new set of speakers (Wharfedale Lintons) and amp (Rega Elex-R) which should certainly take the quality of sound a few leaps forward from where it was when this thread commenced. I also picked up a Chord Mojo with a new battery on Gumtree at a good price, so I plan to use this at line level as my DAC. I know it is not considered "warm", but think the speakers have that covered now.


    In an effort of self-restraint, the speakers will remain boxed up until Christmas, so won't be able to provide any sort of feedback until the festive period is over (if anyone is actually still following this by then...)

  2. Item: Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary speakers in Walnut
    Price Range: Around the $2k mark 
    Item Condition: Used
    Extra Info:


    Hi all,

    Looking for a set of the popular Wharfedale Linton speakers in the Walnut colour (I’m aware of the speakers currently in the Classifieds, but they are Mahogany). 
    Preferable that they come with the dedicated stands. And pick up in Victoria would be ideal, although happy to discuss shipping options if interstate.
    Shoot me a message if you’d like to chat, otherwise thanks for reading.

  3. Item: Rega Brio-R Mk II intergrated amplifier
    Price Range: $700-$1000
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info: Hi all, looking for the 2017 version of the Brio-R. They don't seem to come up in the Classifieds, which probably speaks to their quality. Am based in Melbourne, so have to work around lockdowns for local, but can consider shipping options for interstste. Thanks for reading.

  4. Sorry to keep you in suspense @nowallet, I thought this thread had died off! 


    I'm actually playing the long-game for a change, preferring to pay off my credit card from a couple of recent SNA purchases first. I'm keeping a keen eye on the classifieds and will jump on anything that comes up, but otherwise I'm probably about a fortnight away from putting a WTB up.


    I will be taking @Justin M up on his offer to borrow his Modi Multibit, as that was on a shortlist along with a Bifrost Multibit, Chord Mojo, Rega DAC or Arcam irDacs. From what I have gathered, they are ones that might add the slightest bit of sound improvement. Any feedback on those named is welcome. If that fails, I'll fall back to the Toppings which sounds like will be a solid performer at an exceptional price.

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  5. Hi all, I know I started this thread looking for DAC advice, but there was also significant interest and advice when I mentioned my system was on the bright side.

    Just an update on that front, I hooked up a Schiit Mani preamp which I picked up off another SNA member a couple of weeks again, yesterday, and it’s made an incredible difference to the sound compared to the inbuilt one in the Yamaha. I have a 2M Blue cartridge I haven’t yet installed, that might make an added difference. I still plan to switch out the amps and speakers in due course, but that will be for another thread.


    Therefore, as a few people have recommended, I’ll probably look out for a Schiit DAC too, with the Topping a good fallback position.

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  6. No, a few of those options certainly have been thrown out there yet @twofires, so thank you. I have no issue playing around with the bass and treble controls regularly depending on whats playing. It's only my girlfriend and I, so there is no judgement (unless it's from the cat or dog)! They are fairly well spaced, off the top of my head about 1.8m, but I'll play with positioning. Given it is set up in the lounge room, I also have to follow certain interior design directives! 

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  7. Thanks @lenticularis, that was very helpful advice. The Schiit Modi is something that has come up a few times in searches as well-regarded, so I was surprised that no one mentioned it earlier. I figured the online reviews were marketing. So it was good to get your opinion on that as an inexpensive option.


    I always prefer to buy locally made and owned products, so I have a keen eye on the classifieds for a Gieseler, as well as many of the others suggested to me throughout this thread.


    I second what you said, I've been blown away by the amount of users offering me really informative and beneficial advice. I was not expecting to get out of the single digits in regards to replies to my initial post!

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  8. Thanks for the recommendations @misternavi, the Toppings have been a popular suggestion.


    I’m not looking to solve my brightness  problem with a DAC. Streaming is very much secondary to vinyl for me. I started this forum mainly to get suggestions for an inexpensive DAC that wouldn’t add to my brightness issues. We definitely look at a speaker upgrade in coming months.

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