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  1. Hi all, I know I started this thread looking for DAC advice, but there was also significant interest and advice when I mentioned my system was on the bright side. Just an update on that front, I hooked up a Schiit Mani preamp which I picked up off another SNA member a couple of weeks again, yesterday, and it’s made an incredible difference to the sound compared to the inbuilt one in the Yamaha. I have a 2M Blue cartridge I haven’t yet installed, that might make an added difference. I still plan to switch out the amps and speakers in due course, but that will be for another thread. Therefore, as a few people have recommended, I’ll probably look out for a Schiit DAC too, with the Topping a good fallback position.
  2. No, a few of those options certainly have been thrown out there yet @twofires, so thank you. I have no issue playing around with the bass and treble controls regularly depending on whats playing. It's only my girlfriend and I, so there is no judgement (unless it's from the cat or dog)! They are fairly well spaced, off the top of my head about 1.8m, but I'll play with positioning. Given it is set up in the lounge room, I also have to follow certain interior design directives!
  3. Thanks @sly_bastard for the SMSL su-8 v2 recommendation, I'll have a look into that one too. Thanks very much @twofires, very helpful advice knowing you use it for the exact same purposes. Definitely acknowledge the last point of your post, and I will get to the speaker and amp changes in due course. Just hoping to not add to the issue.
  4. Hi @charlie_bird, beginner’s question here. What does MQA stand for?
  5. Thanks for the link @Ittaku, the Toppings have been a popular suggestion so I'll pay that site a visit!
  6. Thanks @dr_carl, the SMSL is not something that has been mentioned yet, but sounds like it ticks a lot of boxes for you so I'll have a look into it.
  7. Thanks @el toro, will give it a read. Certainly no shortage of puns!
  8. Thanks @lenticularis, that was very helpful advice. The Schiit Modi is something that has come up a few times in searches as well-regarded, so I was surprised that no one mentioned it earlier. I figured the online reviews were marketing. So it was good to get your opinion on that as an inexpensive option. I always prefer to buy locally made and owned products, so I have a keen eye on the classifieds for a Gieseler, as well as many of the others suggested to me throughout this thread. I second what you said, I've been blown away by the amount of users offering me really informative and beneficial advice. I was not expecting to get out of the single digits in regards to replies to my initial post!
  9. Thanks for the recommendations @misternavi, the Toppings have been a popular suggestion. I’m not looking to solve my brightness problem with a DAC. Streaming is very much secondary to vinyl for me. I started this forum mainly to get suggestions for an inexpensive DAC that wouldn’t add to my brightness issues. We definitely look at a speaker upgrade in coming months.
  10. That looks like a good recommendation, thanks very much @Cafad!
  11. Totally agree @sir sanders zingmore, have been absolutely floored by the amount of people responding to this newbie topic with helpful suggestions that have broadened my options past the usuals found on google searches. @el toro’s offer takes the cake for generosity though. Very appreciative of everyone taking the time to respond to this.
  12. Thanks very much @el toro, just sent you a PM to hopefully arrange something.
  13. Thanks very much @08Boss302 for the recommendations. The Ares has been recommended previously, the Ares II specifically, so it’s pretty high on the shortlist at the moment. I’ll also have a look at the Pro-ject and Cambridge too. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks @danrey, certainly ticks a lot of boxes for me!
  15. Thanks @danrey, that is helpful advice. Geez the Topping is coming up pretty regularly, it’s going to be hard to go past that with all the recommendations for it today. TT, speakers and amp are all things I will look to change out in the next few months.
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