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  1. Finally solved! Took some emails back and forth as they didn't seem to understand the problem and I had a feeling they were just keeping me on the line ....(very politely but still....) Anyway, what I did: -delete the app (had done this already but without step 2) -restart Ipad - reinstall the app Problem solved Hope it might help others In the mean time I just realized that the app has been updated 2 days ago from 2.20.0 to 2.21.0..... so it's probably just that....
  2. I did, also from my iPhone, where the display is as it should be
  3. im in contact with them, till now they just proposed to restart my iPad (same same obviously) and asked me iOS and tidal app version.... waiting for further help....
  4. Strange cause according to my iPad the Tidal app was updated a week ago and this behavior started 2 days ago. But will send an email
  5. Hi Guys, All of a sudden when performing a search for an artist and then displaying all the albums from this artist on my IPad I have only 2 albums per screen and have to scroll down to see other albums.... till now when doing the same my screen was full of albums. Screenshot of my pad: and the same from my IPhone (was the same on my IPad till today...) don’t see any display settings on the iPad, deleted amd reinstalled the app, no changes.... where did I screw up?
  6. Andy, care to elaborate what would be the gain? cheers
  7. Hello Andy, Yes the question was, for roughly the same budget, what would do it better: 2 M8 (indeed sigle amp channel driving each 802) or 2 S5 (indeed passive bi-amping)? Cheers
  8. Hello Everybody, Considering buying Michi combo to drive B&W 802 D3. Was thinking initially P5 + 2 M8. But , as price is identical was thinking why not 2 S5 and going Bi-amp road? Obviously a bit more expensive cable wise. thoughts about 2 S5 vs 2 M8? Cheers
  9. Hi, Did you consider Mola Mola? They're not cheap but did get some serious good reviews. Cheers
  10. Ok, but still you have DACs and DACs, nice to see what he can do, but how does he do it?
  11. You guys have an idea about the quality of the DAC of the P5? I mean, I want to upgrade my system with this P5/S5 or p5/M8 combo, want to add Roon into the equation, is it still worthwhile to consider a separated DAC, or the one inside the P5 will do the job correctly?
  12. Hi there, Living in Europe but eager to discover what’s happening down under....😉
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