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  1. I think I look great in that outfit, what are you talking about?!?!
  2. Thanks Bill. I read your price list post and the feedback from existing owners. Can you give me any insight why, what I might expect different, what's amazing about them etc.? Thanks muchly.
  3. Thanks. I'm assuming these are going to be better than the QED cables?
  4. Hi I'm looking for a few speaker cable recommendations please for all my speakers? I've just bought an Audiolab 8300A to pair my front Q Acoustics 3030i speakers. I also have my Yamaha RX-2065V receiver with four Q Acoustics 3020 speakers, Q Acoustics QB12 subwoofer and Q Acoustics 3090ci centre speaker. I was thinking QED Reference XT40i for the front 3030i's because I can get them at a relatively good price (5m pair for $240) or the AudioQuest Rocket 11 (5m pair for $270). QED XT25 for the 3020 speakers as the runs are going to be longer with these be
  5. Or instead, and taking @frednork's advice (which is still valid), I'm not sure what DAC (edit: Holo Audio "Spring") you're using, but could you instead go from: - JCAT Femto Out to your Holo Sping DAC USB Input? Bypass the Singxer. I'm just not sure what point it is having two DDC oscillator's inline.
  6. Nope, I've mentioned both electrical and magnetic interfence (noise) via components and audible noise in my posts. I was asking if rocky500 (OP) was actually hearing any noise, as he hasn't mentioned it at all. rocky500 is already using the Singxer, which should do exactly the same job; they use the same oscillator (Crystek CCHD-957); adding unecessary components generally adds noise to a system.
  7. Gold. Are you hearing any noise in your system through your speakers? I'm a little concerned about your DDC to DDC to DAC (JCAT to Singxer to Holo)... Have you tried instead using: - the USB DAC-UP Output from your Gigabyte motherboard to the USB In on your Singxer (bypassing the JCAT)? Also check the Gain Boost switches on your board, lowering these might benefit.
  8. The first question is... Are you hearing noise through your speakers / headphones? If so, are you hearing it when the connection to the computer is disconnected from the DDC? If you're hearing noice, I'd also consider the power supply you're using. This is where the most noise is going to enter your system and be distributed through your components. Something like a Corsair RM550x is excellent. Consider the quality of your USB cables as well. Also consider removing as many fans as possible and use passive (fanless) CPU and cooler and power supply where possible.
  9. Awesome, cheers Snoopy8. I'm happy buying something new if I can't find it used, but I like the idea of buyng used for reducing the creation of new products, especially if I find myself reselling. I'll check it out when I have access.
  10. I'm in the same boat. Looking for a pair of my first real headpones, coming from a ROCCAT gaming 7.1 channel headset. Also considering DAC/amp setup too. I'll be following this thread. Yeah, these still seem to be right up there on the bargain buy list. DMS recently did his 2020 heaphone yier list and the Senheisser HD 6xx were one of only a few that made the top grade... And by far the cheapeast. I was also considering the Hifiman Sundara, or AKG K702 (currently Au$190 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B001RCD2DW). I realise they're different price brackets. PS. Not trying t
  11. Thanks Craig, much appreciated! I'll have a look at those recommendations too; I've been tossing up between powered or passive (with an amp and DAC).
  12. Hey, I'm a litttle overwhelmed at the momemt. So many options available; amps, dacs, speakers, stands.... I'm looking for speakers and headphones for my PC (replacing existing weird crappy options) and also speakers for my lounge (replacing Bose satellites). I'm learning though.
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