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  1. Good to know, I’m sure any option will be an upgrade from my bog standard chromecast
  2. Awesome Ill have to give this a shot! Im yet to buy a Pi, I heard the USB out of the the 4 is much improved and that can run into the USB on my PS Audio Sprout. Thanks for the tips mate, sorry I didn't see your tread on this earlier
  3. Hi Mate Was just doing some googling, let me know if I am off the mark. Tidal Sub > $6 mconnect app on your phone > Moode OS (free by the looks) on your Raspberry Pi > Amp > Boogie Wonderland? Seems like a pretty good option if its that simple/cheap.
  4. Thats a good point about the panels, Ill have to have a look into them. I do have quite a large rug under my sitting position, ill move it further out so it can soak up some of the floor reflections.
  5. Ahh I didn't think about the early reflections from the tweeter off the side wall, Just switched them around
  6. Thanks for that Vinilink I was wondering about that when I was plugging everything in, Any reason in particular for this, is this the correct setup for the sound staging etc? Also I usually pull them further off the wall when listening, but I do have to keep the missus happy
  7. Thanks to everyone for the help, finally have a system together after all the good advice and trawling the classifieds Picked up these Orpheus 2.2s which I’m currently smitten with
  8. Thank you Jonty and Jt. I'm going to try to give the Orpheus a listen today, might pick them up then and there.
  9. Thanks for the vote Muon, And the link 👍
  10. Ahh I just realised I forgot to add this in, The Orpheus are the 2.2 (square cabinets, offset tweeter & kevlar woofers) The Lyrix are older (pre Lyrix gold)
  11. G'day Just wanted to grab some opinions from your good people, Im about to pull the trigger on either a pair of Orpheus Aurora 2s ($450) or Krix Lyrix ($650) I have a chance to go and listen to the Auroras however I am not sure I will be able to do so for the Lyrix. Either pair will be powered by a PS Audio Sprout100 and will be on Tidal, Turntable and TV duties, The room is 3.9 x 5.5 if that helps and I don't currently have a sub but will likely eventually pick one up. I understand this is very subjective however I am always a fan of
  12. All good, I think its a great idea that you started another thread for all the supported hardware, we need a place where people can check all the updates.
  13. I assume the thinking here is to try to uncover what software gets released for the Raspberry Pi in particular, As we now will be able to use the phone app as the remote there is more reason than ever to save the money on the bigger brand hardware streamers. I have been trawling to see if I can find any Raspberry PI OS updates that are compatible, no luck yet. @Topman_Chief How is your Allo? I was thinking this would be the best budget way to go without the drama of building anything. Didi you get the Pi 3 or 4?
  14. Item: Krix Floorstanders Price Range: up to $750 will consider more for great condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Im based in Ashfield and would be keen to try out the speakers so proximity would be helpful, Would prefer a timber finish
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