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  1. Interesting, I'll put that on the list of things to try out. Thanks. Though I am somewhat worried about the Hifiman build quality, and a new pair of DT 1990s would be significantly cheaper.
  2. I've found a used pair of T1 Gen 1's going for $500, but I don't know if my amp will do a good job of driving them (FX Audio DAC X6 MKII). Looking online, the DT 1990 appears to have better bass and a few people seem to prefer them over the T1's. I'm not sure if I should just spend the extra $100 and get a brand new pair of 1990s but I guess I'll actually have to compare them for myself at some point. I've been to Minidisc the other day, but does A2A actually stock Beyer headphones? They don't have any trace of them on their website.
  3. Four months ago I purchased a DT 990 Pro (250 Ohm) as my first high-end headphone. I really liked the detail, instrument separation and comfort of the DT 990 Pro, and I'd love to get something that's even better at these. I've tried out the DT 1990 Pro, Amiron, Sundara, HD660S and HD560S in stores. I didn't get to spend much time with them but I thought the DT 1990 brought out finer details in the treble. I also own a pair of HD599's, but I don't use them much as I prefer the sound, comfort and build quality of the DT 990. I'm not looking to spend much more t
  4. Sorry, what headphones are you talking about? Still kinda new to these forums - there seems to be a hyperlink in your sentence but I can't click on it?
  5. Do you need a good amp to drive it, or would it still be good on some budget ones like FX-Audio DAC X6? I'm definitely taking a closer look at the HE4XX, but I'm unsure if its worthwhile if the amp I need to buy for it is more than half the price of the headphones.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. But why are the normal DT 990s better? The Pro version on Amazon costs significantly less than the one you linked. Now that I look I also see DT 880s (600Ω) for a reasonable price - would those be a good choice?
  7. Hey all, pretty new to the audiophile scene. Currently using a pair of $90 Mixcder E10s and I'm exploring upgrade options. The headphones will mainly be used to listen to music at home. If they're also good for gaming that's a plus, but it's less important. I think I would prefer a nice balanced sound with lots of detail and good separation between instruments. (My E10s sound a bit cramped and the bass is slightly overpowering.) I'm not particularly fussed about comfort or build quality and I'm okay with making sacrifices there if it gets me better audio.
  8. I'm a PC guy interested in getting into audio. Currently run Mixcder E10s, looking to upgrade to something nicer. I hope this forum will be a useful resource to learn from.
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