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  1. I didn't want to apply undue pressure on Edmund by posting that I have also had contact also. I have recieved a small package of other parts today. Not as quick as his historical deliveries, but great under current circumstances. Best Wishes B
  2. I am going to make a guess of G727. 😁 Cheers B
  3. I will wait patiently for Kef to sign up to WiSA, at some stage in the future then. 😊 Cheers B
  4. Do please expand on this. I enjoy LSX with the TV, as well as just for music. Do you think HDMI ARC means 5.1 might be possible with the Kef wireless speakers soon, without a hunking great AV Receiver? Cheers B
  5. I made contact with him today on messenger/Facebook. HK post have only just restarted airmail to Oz. Cheers B
  6. He has a range from 1.5 to 4.0 amp. Just wanted to know which model you ended up with? Cheers T
  7. Hi Could you advise which PSU you ended up with? Cheers
  8. Hi Cheers Brynderwyn
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