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  1. Of course my everyday turntable is also a Linn. My mileage also varies. Cheers B
  2. I loved what a Reed tonearm did with a G99. YMMV. Cheers B
  3. Hi Andy Well I hope you are enjoying your "Thorens" wannabe. 😇 "Love it or hate it, you can't ignore this (LP12) seminal turntable. Linn managed to pull something out of the hat with what was basically a better-engineered TD150." Couldn't resist and only joking. 😅 Cheers B
  4. Greetings from across the ditch. I am not sure if there is a more appropriate location for this question, but will put this up in general and relocate if there is a better location. In the interests of re-use and saving money, but not necessarily time, I am keen to rejuvenate my old Lovan shelving system. I have 2 sets of the 4 tier, 3 legged frames, that used hard board (HDF board) shelves supported off the frames on small rubber discs. What I liked: Modular Light Unobtrusive Improvement over book case and side boards p
  5. Well, the old RB250 is old school and easy, having used it with cartridges ranging from Stanton 881s to Benz Glider over the years. Thanks for the explanation. Regards B
  6. Ah, that mysterious 01a alchemy? Enjoy. B
  7. Another picture to identify the source of the increased goodness would be nice. 😉
  8. I am not sure what the missing part is that you refer to, but the bias thing is genuinely confusing. Apparently it is adjustable, but appears to automatically adjust, so does not require user adjustment. One picture shows the same bias adjustment mechanism that is on my old RB250, while others appear to have a shiny blanking plate in that location on the arm rest support bar. A very confusing piece of technical copy. Cheers B
  9. I didn't want to apply undue pressure on Edmund by posting that I have also had contact also. I have recieved a small package of other parts today. Not as quick as his historical deliveries, but great under current circumstances. Best Wishes B
  10. I will wait patiently for Kef to sign up to WiSA, at some stage in the future then. 😊 Cheers B
  11. Do please expand on this. I enjoy LSX with the TV, as well as just for music. Do you think HDMI ARC means 5.1 might be possible with the Kef wireless speakers soon, without a hunking great AV Receiver? Cheers B
  12. I made contact with him today on messenger/Facebook. HK post have only just restarted airmail to Oz. Cheers B
  13. He has a range from 1.5 to 4.0 amp. Just wanted to know which model you ended up with? Cheers T
  14. Hi Could you advise which PSU you ended up with? Cheers
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