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  1. Item: primare r32 phono preamp in titanium / silver Price Range: happy to pay going rate. Naturally the cheaper the better though. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: im in perth but happy to arrange and pay for freight
  2. I've have 18m of this cable in various length which came with some car audio equipment that i bought. Can anyone advise if it is any good and what it would be worth. Its juat bare wire (no terminals). Cant seem to find much info at all online. Any idea how the 625 series compare to the 600? Or to qed silver anniversary xt cables (the latter which I own a few sets of) Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Everyone. About time i finally joined the community amd enjoy what it has to offer with out the maximum view restrictions! Havent joined a forum in years and after seeing all the car forums die or move to Facebook, I'm surprised to see there are still some going strong!
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