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  1. Hi all, there seems to be a bit of info floating around on Aurora 3s, but not much on their little brother. Has anyone heard the series 2 version of the 2s (this was still when they had straight sides). I'm looking at pairing them with a vintage Rotel amp (which is not super powerful, but then it's not a big room either.) Thanks in advance. Cheers, Lincoln
  2. Hi there - I would strongly recommend the Rega Planar 3 over the 2. Much better tone arm in most opinions/reviews. The 2 gives no ability to adjust bias/anti-skate. I feel your pain re speeds, and I admit I've got the power supply for easily changing speeds
  3. Just setting up new sound system at home, and keen to hear thoughts about turntables and speakers (preferably Australian) from other members. Cheers, Lincoln
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