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  1. Thanks @Irek, pulled the trigger. Will look out for an amp that works with them.
  2. Thanks @irek, a great bargain for speakers that seem high quality! Only worried that they are a bit big, but I'll have a look for other people's experiences.
  3. Thanks @robes, PM'd you about those
  4. Thanks for the update, I should have moved quicker 😄
  5. Thanks everyone for the help, Been on the search following the fantastic advice of @Craig Taplin. I've seen a nice looking Arcam amp to kick me off, and some great value speakers for sale on the classifieds. I also have some stands available locally. I will keep an eye out for the speakers referenced in your post Craig, but for now would you be able to suggest the best way to look into sound matching? Amp: Speakers:
  6. Thanks @pwstereo - I try to be a skeptical of the big bargains, so it helps to see some positive feedback. System Audio speakers at Rio also seem to be at bargain prices, but I can't find a review to validate their sound. Thanks for detailed reply @Craig Taplin! I am looking to set up for dedicated stereo listening. Most of the available amps, on the second hand market, seem to be AV receivers for 5.1 or 7.1 home theater set-ups. I have basically been looking for the lowest cost that I can get the following specs, from a device that I can find reviews of: -THD = <0.5%; -SNR = >90 -per channel wattage = >70W . I am keen to hear if you have differing advice to that. The speakers will be homed in a small room, maybe 3x4m. It's a brick box, so I expect that I will need to be mindful of the bass. I was thinking of getting bookshelves, and adding a sub-woofer later, if the sound allowed for it. Bookshelves like the Polk S20's, Q Acoustic 3030i's, Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2's, and Klipsch R41-M's are what I have looked at (subject to the availability of the last two). Open to anything with a good 'sound/$' value under a thousand though. Cheers Chupps
  7. Hey all I'm new to the world of speakers and found this forum. I've stopped having the opportunity to use my headphone setup, so it's time to look into a budget hifi system. My current plan is to get a second hand receiver off gumtree, and spend maybe a grand on newer speakers. Polks and Q Acoustics seem to be the 'budget' brands in terms of speakers, but I'm not sure how well they fare audio quality wise. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, I'm happy to hear them. Cheers Chupps
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