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  1. Hello there, wondering if you have the stands to go with these or might know where to get suitable floor stands? Thanks.
  2. Item: Quality 1970’s or early 80’s Amplifier Price Range: $1000+ Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Wanted: - Must be at least 50w - Must have VU Meters - Open to Integrated or Pre-amp/Power amp setup - Brands preferred: Pioneer, Sansui, Marantz, Luxman - Ideally silver-faced, but open to Black with silver dials. - Ideally recently serviced with receipts - Ideally located in Sydney or can provide safe postage - Prepared to pay good price Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, After hearing a friend’s vintage Hi-Fi system just recently, I rushed out and bought a vintage setup myself and am in heaven. I have a 1970’s Micro Seiki turntable, Pioneer SA 7500 Amp and Rogers Studio 1 speakers from the early 80’s I believe. Very keen to learn more and maybe buy and sell a few components along the way. John
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