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  1. @demoiree thank you kind sir, you are the only source I can find comparing these two brands. Have you tried putting the muzishare kt88’s in the willsenton? (to compare amps directly) I think Iam going to buy either muzishare x9 (300b) or willsenton r300b, (to pair with high efficiency speakers) so I am looking for ANY indication that the muzishare brand sounds better and is worth the significant $ over willsenton. Like you, I may just have to take a chance! (On 1 not 2 unfortunately).
  2. Wow nice one! I too have been looking at these and wondering how they compare. I prefer the look of the muzishare(looks nicer quality) over the wilsenton but as you mentioned, the wilsenton has the option of using el34 tubes that, according to some, sound more musical or “tubey” than KT88’s. Needless to say, I am very keen to hear your impressions once the amps arrive. Slight sidetrack, I would also LOVE to know how willsenton and muzishare sound compared to similar line magnetic amps. Also, the large Muzishare/willsenton 805/845 tube amps, how do they compare to the much raved ab
  3. Thank you all for the advice. Seems like Spendor and valves can make a great pair. The LM805 looks awesome but has a price tag to match! I’m wondering if I could get away with a cheaper line magnetic... When I can I will audition- Speakers - Spendor A4/A7 Acoustic energy 509 B&W 7 series Maybe Dynaudio (though I understand they are power hungry?) Amps SS - Rega elex Musical fidelity M3s Tube- Prima Luna - Cayin - line magnetic (this might be hard to demo in melb, only seems to be one supplier and no
  4. Hello everybody, The last time I bought hi fi gear was almost 20 years ago- a Rotel amp and a pair of B&W book shelf speakers (on the advice of what Hi fi magazine) Recently, I had the thought to upgrade . At first I researched B&w floorstanders as I wanted a bigger, punchier sound with a full bass. However, I was soon obsessively researching different speaker brands and amps. I’ve been down many online rabbit holes with no end in sight- scouring the internet for reviews and opinions. Currently, I am liking the sound of Spendor speakers, specifically the a5 or a7. I also really
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