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  1. Thanks so much for your input Al M. I have sent you a message
  2. Thank you guys for your input. Looks like I might be forking out for a brand new one.
  3. Trashed as in definitely do not buy it? The seller says it sounds 100% fine....I don't want to make a mistake
  4. This is the tweeter. I’m told it’s fine and I’m going to buy it today unless it’s really recommended against. Thanks!
  5. Sorry, can do both of what? Cause sizzle?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t be able to test the speaker with the dented dome before buying it. It’s reasonably priced but I want a speaker that works. Are you saying a dented dome doesn’t really change the sound to the normal ear? If so I would be more comfortable buying the one from the classifieds. thanks for responding.
  7. I think I will need to replace it as per my newer thread. The tweeter is sizzling when I play video games. It was good with a film but it’s tinny when I play Xbox
  8. Hi guys, the tech that repaired my b and w centre speaker said there might be some tweeter sizzle and Lo and behold I’m playing call of duty and there’s a tinny jangling sound coming out of the speaker. there is a b and W speaker htm2 or something in the classifieds, should I just buy that? The tweeter dust cap is pushed in, I don’t know if that matters. The lovely seller says it doesn’t affect sound. It seems reasonable and this one is stuffed both tweeter wise and bass driver wise. I think it would be a good upgrade. What do you think? thanks fembot
  9. Thanks guys, it sounds pretty good now, I had a terrible centre speaker from off the back of a truck previously and I’ll see how it goes. I managed to pare back the levels on the amp - it’s an old amp and I’ve had the speakers +5 or so in the past with no issues. if I get problems I’ll ask the tech or get another centre
  10. Thanks, I’ll bring the rest into the minuses and put the centre to +7 or something. appreciate your help
  11. Hi there, I have a centre speaker in which one of it's bass drivers has been disconnected due to a blown driver. To make my 5.1 setup sound good, I have to set the centre speaker on the amp to +10. Is that okay? Or should I bring all the speaker levels down by a few notches. Is +10 bad for the speaker or setup? Thanks! Fembot.
  12. I don’t even think I can take it out of the box as it is glued but thanks heaps for popping your head in here!
  13. Thanks for the help Jason but I’m really not up to soldering and things. I will try and get it repaired or replace - I’ve contacted a professional and I’ll see if he can look at it
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