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  1. Ill take that onboard and watch... tbh I thought the same about American Psycho but hadnt given him much chops since.
  2. Ill take two sets... mind if I trade in my Rega P2? ;-)))
  3. I didnt skimp on it mate... I knew if I was to get it it would have to be the right one :-))) Im learning ;-)) Youve taught me well in a few short lessons. And its... bloody... amazing!!!
  4. Mellowing down now... this one most definitely inspired by @scuzzii again... id never, ever have listened to, much let loved a jazz album if id not been at your place that day! Cheers John!
  5. This is the latest Leftards release... its still available!! Its got a definite Frankenchrist vibe... If I have to explain that you wont get it anyway ;-)) Oh and the label is Wreckless Enterprises. Check em out!!
  6. This is their third, first and second compilations of local east coast punk rock and hardcore bands... Buggerit I have no idea how to modify a post properly hehehe!
  7. An excellent online friend of mine has his own small label that allows his own band to make their own 7" EPs and support east coast Aussie punk and underground bands... this is the first Leftards release. My buddy Ronny is the singer :-))
  8. Holy crap bro!! Thank you deeply! Looking forward to the next gtg for another reason now :-))
  9. Wow! What a piece! Ill be keeping my antennae out for that one :-))) Cheers steveoz! Discogs has it as an album that they cant allow to be commented on or sold by them! Hehehehe!! Awesome!
  10. Interested to know how the Stop Making Sense sounds... as it was the first DDD cd I ever knew of and they are a favourite band of mine. Can a vinyl be better than a cd when it was specifically recorded, mastered and put onto a cd in full digital? You have the setup to be able to say yes or no ;-))
  11. Ive been wondering if this was an album worth spending the hard earneds on... Black Sabbath fan but dosh is low.
  12. Im kinda new here too... but I must say welcome!! Ive not found any more of a caring bunch of folk when it comes to Audio :-)) Cheekyboy who previously replied is without a doubt amongst many is one of which.
  13. Doesnt matter what you call em... they wont be trusted for years.... even if theyre excellent. If theyre crap with a great name everyone will know within months 😉
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