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  1. I really enjoy my Sennheiser HD58X but they are open back - they can be had for $299 at Addicted to Audio. The bass is very tight and punchy but not super low so may or may not suit your needs.
  2. G'day all, A hearty greeting from the lock down capital of Australia Melbourne where you just get to sit in the house and luckily still listen to music. I am fairly new to the music appreciation scene and so cannot even remotely call myself an audiophile. I heard you have dig much deeper into the rabbit hole to earn that title by spending buckets of money, learn lost of audio jargon and show your devotion resulting in a divorce or two The start of my journey has been to get a decent pair of cans which is my beloved Senny HD58X Jubilee and now am looking for a quality headphone amplifier to improve the experience. Any advice would be appreciated - my budget is up to $500. Looking to learn and hopefully contribute Ian
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