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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback, has not made my decision any easier. It is a beautiful looking turntable and as rantan put it, looks like a "stonking bargain"! After consultation with the other half, we've come to the aesthetic decision not to pursue the red look. We've got a pretty down home kind of place and we fear the red Thorens might see its new surroundings and feel like it's slumming it 😁 But Christ it's a good looking TT and looks to be a tremendous bargain. I am already kicking myself as we speak. I guess another part of it is that we're in lo
  2. Hello all, Have got the hifi bug during lockdown and been perusing the forums for tips and suggestions, especially in regard to a TT upgrade. I want to move on up from my honest and reliable Technics SL-BD20 (which has served me well for many years) and get something a little more sonically rewarding. My line up of contender turntables has ranged from Rega Planar 1 (new or used) through to some vintage 70s Pioneer and Luxman direct drive models, which would looks wise match my Luxman L-85V amp. Basically, my budget is tops about $1000 (AUS). Which brings m
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