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  1. Hi Everyone i'm building some acoustic panels and have been trying to track the perfect thing down but after dealing with suppliers and not getting anywhere i've decided to settle with the best that Bunnings has to offer. so i was wondering what you would all pick for DIY acoustic panels from this list of Bunnings insulation's and why? feel free to add more if ive missed one so in the running we have 1. Earthwool SoundShield 2. Earthwool Thermal Wall 3. Earthwool Acoustic Partition Batt 4. Bradford Gold High Performance 5. Bradford Polymax 6. Hardiefire i know people who have used SoundShield before not the others, the two im most curious about is the Polymax (cheap and not itchy) and the Hardiefire (expensive but ridged) thank you all
  2. Hi everyone, i cant find any info on XPS foam (as in the link below) when it comes to acoustics https://www.bunnings.com.au/bastion-1200-x-600-x-50mm-xps-multi-use-insulation-foam-board_p0139536 it has a density of 27.2kg/m3 and are 50 x 1200 x 600 mm any info on how it dose with sound absorption would be appreciated,
  3. I like listening to and making sounds. i also run a home studio for fun in Sydney and make a living playing guitar.
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