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  1. Its time to sell those shindo autographs David 😉
  2. Thank you Bill, its nice to be back
  3. Thank you @Marc (I am so blushing right now)
  4. Hi I am a new(ish) member looking to learn and share. (& STFU) I like low powered tube amplifiers and high efficiency horn speakers. I tend to buy obscure hifi brands. Cheers Eggy
  5. Item: Simaudio Moon Evolution 600i or 700i Integrated Amplifier (V1 or V2) Price Range: Market Price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I may or may not purchase depending on what is available. Please contact me via pm if you have one you would like to sell - Regards Pat
  6. Item: GSP Audio Elevator EXP Step Up Preamplifier (Graham Slee) with PSU1 power supply Price Range: Current Market Price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I have the opportunity to acquire a MC cartridge and would like to purchase a step up transformer prior to this purchase. I would prefer the above model, no need contact me offering something else. Please contact me via private message if you have one you would like to sell. Lasirena.
  7. Mainly commercially purchased items. Music has always been my priority, equipment has come second. Curious to see what other people prioritise.
  8. Hi All Don't know much, hoping to learn a lot from learned members on this forum. Cheers Lasirena
  9. @Martykt Definitely worth a visit, David is a great host. Let me know when you can drop by. It would be great to catch up with you.
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