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  1. Exellent Condtion, All drivers are working. All grills can be securely attached. Pick up from Kellyville or deliver for a small fee. Can be sold separately Jamo S 428 Front Speakers The Jamo S 428 is the latest addition to Jamo's already vast line-up of loudspeakers giving impressive value-for-money. With their exclusively stylish, contemporary industrial design these speakers easily blend into modern living rooms. In the established Jamo-tradition, these speakers easily out-perform every competitor in the price-range. Thanks to a carefully balanced engineering effort the S 428 manages the delicate blend of good looks and a sound quality rarely heard in this pris class. Jamo S62 Centre Speaker 1-inch (25 mm) soft dome tweeter/dual 4-inch (102 mm) aluminized woofers. Bass-reflex design with flared, rear-firing port: Increases speaker efficiency and bass output. Waveguide: A unique tweeter faceplate that provides more uniform dispersion in the critical frequency range of 2-10 kHz. Dynamics and clarity are enhanced while distortion is significantly reduced. Centre-plug: Replaces the typical dust cap and eliminates cone breakup, for a woofer with faster "attack" and tighter, more natural bass. Aluminized woofers: Increase driver cone rigidity for solid bass reproduction. Jamo J10 Sub https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/jamo-j-10-sub-10-subwoofer.html Jamo J 10 SUB Subwoofer offer high value with stylish aesthetics. By utilizing modern materials and core technologies, the J 10 SUB makes your home theatre and music listening experiences unforgettable. With an amplifier capable of 300W of peak power, this subwoofer can deliver higher sound-pressure levels at lower distortion, resulting in maximum musical fidelity and reproduction of details. The J 10 SUB features a 10" front-firing, aluminized poly fibre woofer that provides an exceptionally low-frequency response with minimal distortion. The all-digital amplifier delivers clean high-efficient power and accuracy in reproduction. Housed in an MDF cabinet with a sleek wood grain vinyl to match our highly acclaimed Studio line, this versatile subwoofer seamlessly integrated into any decor. Jamo S420 Surround The S 426 features dual woofers in a reflex-optimized enclosure and a low-resonance tweeter with a Jamo Waveguide. The result is a punchy, yet refined, and detailed sound that will make your movies and music more enjoyable.
  2. I have both Some of the best titles are not available for PC, such as the last of us, God of war and ghost of tsushima. if you are into FPS shooting games, go with PC. Consoles are better for almost everything else. oh if you have a home theatre setup, the sound experience is phenomenal on the consoles. way better than most of the movies. it's INTERACTIVE, the dialogue and effects change directions as you turn. I use the game to test my HT speakers' consistency
  3. Hi All I have a HiFi and HT setup all in one room. also have a 2nd music system with ELAC speakers in the study. have done some DIY acoustic treatments using timber and earthwood. hope to share with you guys
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