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  1. Thanks. Maybe not the best place for a DJ then, going by this limited info. Grey bars might be annoying. If you had a 235 screen, you'd probably have to put up with grey bars on the sides a lot of the time too, unless you use curtains effectively, so neither option is necessarily a deal-breaker. Getting a 235 screen also provides more room for a center speaker below it so one could save on the acoustically transparent premium.
  2. Hi all, appealing to anyone with first-hand experience. For instance, if one wanted to set up a fairly introverted DJ desk behind an acoustically invisible projector screen, how much of the actual party could the DJ make out through it (with/without something screening)? While we're at it, do people really find the bars above and below the a CinemaScope image that annoying (if screened through projectors that natively support 4:3/16:9 only)? Also, could you please try to describe how this looks when being projected in contrast to black bars on a computer monitor/TV? Grateful for any information. I only tried to search for answers to the first question online but with no success.
  3. G'day Ford. It the second time in recent history that I've heard of such an issue and I think it's just unforgivable. How can the display go on an A/V receiver? Interestingly it was a particular Denon receiver that had this same issue reported by quite a number of consumers. As you've probably discovered on eBay yourself the closest thing to what you're after is already currently at about AUD $270. Good luck with your hunting anyway. I take it you didn't buy the amp new and therefore it's not covered under any sort of warranty. Rich
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, party people. I look forward to stirring the pot regarding pure music vs gear acquisition (and everything in between) debates. Obviously I'll be playing devil's advocate for both/all sides and 'listening' to the results of the 'orchestration'... with my eyes. Ooh, that threw a spanner in the works already didn't it? Definitions of music, trees falling when nobody's around and single hands clapping.. I'm ready to bluff away! I did actually have to google 'G.A.S' tho' and from what I gather, it started life as 'guitar acquisition syndrome'. I haven't had a chance to browse through the threads here yet but I assume that there's going to be the occasional use of an acronym such as 'P.A.F' (iirc) or a phrase representing the same? Anyway, a decade or so ago, I rocked up to a semi-mainstream audio equipment store, like Klapp Audio or its predecessor, to purchase an entry level Cambridge Audio CD player and these sneaky sales people played Nora Jones' 'Don't Know Why' through some Dynaudio speakers (which I'd never heard of before). It just grabbed me by the... cockles of my heart. No, that's too warm and fuzzy. It did something else and I just haven't been able to forget the experience. It became a reference point in my musical memory that keeps me from being a person who (understandably) thinks 'audiophiles are full of it'. I experienced 'separation of sounds', and a whole lot more that I probably couldn't put into words but the terms 'sound stage' and 'imaging' come to mind. By the same token, there's the whole 'Bose' phenomenon, which, as I see it, can give an unwitting, unprepared or unlearned listener an unforgettable aural experience through tweaking and matching on a more micro level. Maybe even on a software level. I haven't had the chance to set up a nice sound system of my own yet (apart from always making do with the best that I've got), or a listening room, so I don't really have a strong opinion about the matter but loving gadgets and having a curiosity geared towards 'bang for buck', it's not hard to stumble across common differences of opinion. One of the most glaring ones relates to, simply put, 'staying true to the original recording' versus 'coloration'. That said, it has been quite a while since I've read anything about that and it could be old news. Interestingly, the best sound I have at home comes from a mini 5.1 system that I was given a very long time ago. There's only 2.1 of it left and only two of the channels coming from the compact desktop sub work. Maybe the center channel and front left. Brand: weconic. I recently put together a competitor that I thought would kick its butt, comprising a Topping VX-1 and some 30w Redback speakers and the exact opposite happened, so now the Topping has just been slotted in between the PC and the speakers as a DAC only. Anyway, plenty more interesting discoveries to be made to be sure.
  5. Hi I'm Richie from Melbourne and I've invested heaps. Do I regret it? Not a chance! This is so much fun. I won't get bored for quite some time with all the setting up and connecting and rearranging etc. There are amps, mixers, computers and component and TVs all around me in my hermit room. I can barely move around it all or see the floor... and I lovin' it! Family Guy or South Park playing on DVD in the background, about 50 browser tabs open, a few games of World of Tanks and some online chess (novice level) in the gaps fill my days. So many thick and juicy cables, still sealed. A eufy video doorbell to unbox, a nest thermostat in the mail... and I'm sure somehow I'll hook them up to my sound system as it all emerges and consolidates - I'll try to keep y'all posted if I get a minute here and there. Well, I'm sure that's enough of an intro and generous divulging of info to get back into the shadows and lurk without being too scary.... Hope all is well for everyone. Feel free to respond to this message with anything you like!
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