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  1. Hi, am trying to get some of my old speakers up to where they should be at so they can sing sweetly again! I'm currently after some tweeters particularly (open to hearing about any other parts also) for Realistic Nova 8s and 8Bs, Optimus 5 and Optimus 5Bs. For the Nova 8s, I require 2 x 0705AC 4 ohm tweeters (both blown in the set) For the Nova 8s, Optimus 5s and Optimus 5Bs, I require 1 x 0725AC 8 ohm tweeters (currently one blown but if I can't get the tweeters above for the Nova8s I'll need 2 more of these to retrofit and alter that set of speaker sets to work).
  2. Item: Realistic LAB 400 or 420 Price Range: all prices considered Item Condition: Used/ working Extra Info: After a working model but will consider items of any condition. Hopefully someone has one to compliment my vintage setup and make my mach ones and Nova 8s sing!
  3. Hi PeterBrad, thanks for your post! Can we talk further mate? Even rough ones Im interested in finding out more on that front. And optimus B5 is very interesting to me also. Im in Salisbury, just up the road from you. I'll have a look how pm works on this and chat to you if thats ok?
  4. Thanks guys for your input and recommendations! Im hooked and this has become a long term interest fast 😁👍!
  5. Yeah i like the 44s powerglide, in fact I like a number of those models. Thanks for the very good suggestions, I'll keep my eyes peeled for any of those coming up. With regards to the B & W DMs, did you have particular models in mind? Not like 220s hey ( I think theyre 80s arent they and you said early 70s)
  6. Yeah everything works great, its big, hefty, well built and laid out, quality internal components and 75WPC. Im a sucker for warm backlighting and VU meters haha 😁 Any options anyone can suggest other than what Ive already mentioned for suitable big period correct floor speakers? It needs it! im using and bottoming out a set of old 70s AWAs presently and want to keep with vintage and within reasonable price (not multiple 1000s but decent). Hence my mach one thoughts
  7. Thanks heaps Bob and for the welcome dudes! Yeah I had come across that reading material in my research before grabbing this one - had drawn the relation between the two units - and guys who have the Project One seem to like them so took the punt and I really like this one also. Same concept as the Project One as far as made in Japan on their behalf, this one being Callenge I can ascertain was made for Challenge HiFi in Adelaide back in the day. Looks and sound output ticks the boxes for me and couldn't afford to start with Pioneer or the likes just yet. On
  8. Thanks guys. Got the unit and Im stoked with how it performs and sounds! Still experimenting but very happy! Now to get some big speakers that let it sing free 😁
  9. Item: Realistic Mach One 4024 or 4024A speaker pair Price Range: happy to pay a fair price and freight if necessary Item Condition: Complete and working but will consider any options available. Extra Info: Just getting into my vintage audio and recently got my first old receiver (pictured) and Im hooked! Im enjoying it big time but im lacking a pair of these speakers to kick along properly. I know its a long shot but someone may be able to help me out or steer me in the right direction. Thanks, Dave Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can n
  10. Hi all, new member looking forward to discussing speaker and set up possibilities for a new to me 1970s stereo receiver. I've been looking forward to getting into this for a long time now! Can't wait to hear this thing! Thanks Dave
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