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  1. At this stage, I'm including them with the speakers for free.
  2. The accoustics in my attic isn't that good, so I suggest you just come down and listen to the speakers and have a beer 😂
  3. For you, because you're a local I'll throw in the KEF stands for free!
  4. Further information: I'll keep them plugged in so you have a quick listen. (Stands sold seperately if you want them too) Photos:
  5. I have $4500 that I need to spend on a sub. My current system is LS50W's. That's it Requirements, there can only be 1 sub (any size should fit). I could not get wife approval for 2. Dang! Use case will be for music & HT. Room size is 8m x 5.3m Considerations, I live in a Duet, so a neighbour is right next door, so won't have the sub on full blast ever. So we need to limit SPL a bit. I'm pretty new in the AV world, so am asking a bit of guidance please.
  6. New to audio but did some research for a few days and decided on these speakers. I love them! Now looking for a sub. Any recomendations? Tim
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