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  1. Very nice speaker and look great in the house. I have a set in Blackwood running on a Rotel 1582. The sound is detailed and the bass is powerful. They improve greatly with run in time. Great buying in that finish, the cabinetry is absolutely seamless. GLWTS
  2. The 4g network in my man cave gets a bit weak and sketchy. I moved to Tidals top tier and found that when the 4g was playing up a bit, whichever song was playing on Tidal Premium would stop. Whereas Soptify would seem to be streaming ahead and I had no issues. I dropped the Tidal Premium until I sort out a wi-fi booster for out there. Can any one please explain to me why this would be happening? I'm just wondering if Spotify will do the same thing if they upgrade it?
  3. @aris Interesting to hear what you are doing there. Nice to hear somebody else likes and uses the PX series amps.
  4. Well, keep trying. It will be worth it. Has your mate got anything to run it?
  5. I have used those adapters from Jaycar with zero issues. Jaycar also sell a rca to xlr cord and they have a pretty decent rca cord for around $30. The idea behind balanced connections is for long runs on stages. As interconnects they are apparently no better. I set up an awesome system for a mate of mine using two of the yamaha px8 class D amps - one on the 18 inch subs and one on the 15 inch full range. They are only about $1k each brand new. I have used both houshold pre amps with xlr to rca cords and mixers with fully balanced connections on these amps. They are full
  6. If you find the right ones you'll get both. I just scored a set of Canton Karats for $400. They play full bass down to 22Hz and have crystal clean mids and highs. And I sold a perfect set of Richter Dragon Mk11 for $450 You just have to be patient. Gumtree and Marketplace are you friend in this case
  7. You wouldn't notice much difference between the wattages driving it with that high sensitivity. I just had some bigger main caps put in a Rotel Rb960bx that's only 60wpc and does the same thing as the 220 Hafler. There's plenty of 1990,s power amps out there at really decent prices if your on a bit of a budget. Smarter members in the know on here should be able to point you into a late model unit that isn't likely to benefit from a reco job.
  8. My ears have been hammered by 30 yrs of blasting and heavy industry too Jimmy but at least I can still hear some difference between equipment. I'm no expert on the jbl paragon being it has very high sensitivity 95dB the Hafler would drive it with ease. I'm currently listening to at this moment some Sarah k. tracks that have very deep bass on a set of Canton Karat speakers that play down to 22Hz and are 86dB sensitivity. The Hafler is doing it easy. Do you know how much good jbl paragon can be worth these days.
  9. I have a Hafler DH220. It has been fully recapped and serviced. They came as factory built or kit. Mine is factory built as far as I can ascertain as it has an "A" stamped before the serial number. I bought is a few months ago to try based on numerous reviews and user feedback. I was going to move it on but I like it so much I can't bring myself to part with it. So it sits in the spare rack and gets plugged in for a run here and there. It is fast, dynamic and very clean sounding. It doesn't seem to colour the music at all it gives out what you put in. It needs room to breath though a
  10. If you go onto Spotify and pull up the "this is sara k " playlist and spend a couple of hours being intoxicated you will likely find some stuff that plays so low it will just suit those speakers so well. I need a sub to make it work but you wont
  11. One of the best DIY's ever. I'm on a lot of car forums too and have seen a lot of car and engine builds. This one is right up there at the top. And we got to hear them. I was going to ask you if they sort of sound like you have a sub in your speakers but it sounds like it is even better based on your description. Congratulations on your build, they look and sound immaculate.
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