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  1. Thanks Eskay, that's a great offer and I may well take you up on it. I'm in 3166, and I work in 3187, so I probably drive past your house every day!! Cheers, Paul
  2. Hi everyone, I've just shouted myself an audia flight fl3s - how do ya reckon these speakers would pair up with that? So far, with my Trevor Lees speakers, I'm finding the sound a little too bright.
  3. I might be interested but I'm new to power-preamp setups. What preamp/phono stage would I need to go with this that would do it justice, and is it overkill for my planar 2? Can you set up as a ht bypass?
  4. Oh no... thanks DavBiggs for pointing that out! Looks like the 3600 is back on the table. Maybe I'll start there and if I'm still not satisfied look at a stereo integrated with ht bypass. Then if I'm still not satisfied I'll upgrade those post-focal-tweeter TLAs. This is indeed a slippery slope!
  5. I'll be moving again in 6 months, so that will be the time for room treatment. I have a cobbled together collection of Trevor Lees. First bought the small bookshelf TLA-60s. That must have been late 80s or early 90s. I used to work in the film industry, and one of the local sound mixing houses recommended them very highly. I then added a centre speaker which I bought from Trevor 2nd hand. Many years later the same sound mixing house was moving premises and dumping a whole lot of their old gear - they gave me the larger TLAs, so the smaller ones got relegated to surrounds. Different tweeters in each model it seems, see pics... Out of interest, is there a way to use the sub with a ht bypass setup?
  6. Thanks for the pic Pete - I see there is a preamp output on the elex-r, is that different to a ht bypass? In any case I think I need to look for a stereo amp wth ht bypass, and keep the 1706. The PMA2500 is tempting but hard to justify for the price. Seed planted. Thanks for your input! (pun intended)
  7. is auditioning hifi gear a valid reason to leave the house? Will I be able to hear properly with a face mask on? Can this be done via zoom? OMG I'm having a panic attack... Thanks betty, I'll see how things are in 3 weeks...
  8. There is a rega Elex-R for sale here at $1100. That could work , I have a planar 2. so of course I still want to upgrade the denon. and then I'll need better speakers. Yikes.
  9. haha the 6500 is 6k. that's a lot of coin. Current marantz seems to be pm8006, and that's $3150. hmmmm. I'm on the precipice of a slippery slope.
  10. Hi There gang, I have a 14 year old denon avr-1706 that I bought in 2006. I think it's the last model that was pre-HDMI, so I use optical and coax for audio connections, I don't bother with video just run that straight to the tv. I never quite understood what the advantage of running your video through your avr was, I mean I still see pictures and hear sounds and they're in sync, right? Setup is 5.1, speakers are all Trevor Lees except for the sub which is a canton asd 220 sc (which Trevor sold to me). Aaah Trevor Lees, a legend in his own lunchtime! I've always been pretty happy with the sound. Lately though it feels like anything slightly raucous starts to fall apart. Gentler music sounds great, but anything approaching a wall of sound is really harsh and bordering on distorting. I dunno, maybe the room has something to do with it? It's never sounded as good in my current digs as it did in the last house. I like a warm sound, but I also rock out the pixies and mr waits on occasion. So I was thinking of upgrading to a denon avr-x3600h. The 1706 cost me 600 bucks back then, on sale cos it was already old tech. The 3600 is $2600 so you would reckon there's already a gain to be had. The difference between say DTS and DTS-HD seems subjectively fairly minor from what I've read, and I don't think my space is going to work for any height speakers, so atmos is not really possible. So if I'm just running 5.1, do you reckon I'll notice a difference by upgrading to the 3600? Or am I just gunna get more tech and the sound will be much the same?
  11. Thanks so much for the replies! I'm a little disappointed that after doing the research and deciding which soundbar to get, I let the HN salesman talk me into spending more than I had planned for the JBL. But then again, it sounds good and it's only for the bedroom, so... Sometimes I'm guilty of letting the theoretical influence my opinion more than I should! For the record, I was going to go for the Samsung T550 (which does DTS).
  12. Hi There, I quite like when music and movies sound good. It connects with you better when the audio is quality. I hope this is a forum that can help to understand how to get the best out of the gear I can afford, and a place to dream about the gear I can't!
  13. Hi All, sorry if this is a well worn topic, but I just can't seem to find an explanation that clarifies this for me. I have a mix of old and new gear, and finding the best way to hook it all up is a challenge. I have a burning question about pcm, but first I want to confirm that my understanding of the basics is correct. Here goes --- Dolby Digital and DTS (in their various incarnations) are encoded and compressed files that once decoded/uncompressed will deliver surround sound. The files can be decoded by the player (dvd player, blu ray player, x-box, playstation, etc) OR the files can be decoded by your receiver or soundbar. If you choose to have the player output the audio as bitstream, then you are sending it "as is" and leaving it up to the receiver or soundbar to decode the file. If you choose to have the player output the audio as pcm, then you are asking the player to decode the file before it sends it to the receiver or soundbar. If you choose to output the audio as pcm over optical or coaxial you have made a mistake, because those cables cannot handle the bandwidth of the decoded/uncompressed surround sound, and the player will therefore mixdown the output to 2 channel stereo instead. If you want to output surround sound as pcm, you need to do it over an HDMI cable, which can handle the bandwidth. Here's where I need help. The soundbar I just bought supports dolby digital, but does not support DTS. It's a JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass if you're interested. It receives it's input from a panasonic bluray player/PVR/STB over HDMI, then HDMI from the soundbar to the TV. (The TV is a 12 year old Samsung with an outdated tuner so I use it exclusively as a monitor from the panasonic. There is no ARC involved here, the TV does not support ARC). If I output Dolby Digital audio from my panasonic bluray player/PVR as bitstream, the soundbar displays "Dolby Digital" - so I know what it's receiving. When I play a bluray that only has DTS, however, I output the audio as pcm - this seems logical because the soundbar can't decode the DTS file, so I have the player decode it - and the soundbar just says "PCM" - so how do I know what is being delivered to the soundbar? Do I just assume that pcm over optical is 2 channel stereo, and that pcm over HDMI is surround? I am aware that the soundbar is 2.1 only, but I want to deliver the surround audio to it so that it has all that to work with when it's mysterious "smart mode" decides how to interpret it. If you choose pcm output over HDMI, how do you know how many discreet tracks are being output? I like to know what my gear is doing! Hope that makes some sense, thanks for reading!
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