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  1. Great thanks! looking at the topping a90 seems to be a little powerhouse and plenty of good reviews. Also like the schiit jotunheim (your thoughts on this)?
  2. Appreciate your response! i did have a look at the the lyr 3 and quite liked the hybrid option. I’m going to do some research on the cayin and see how that compares. the main reason I got the cardas clear cable was to hear just the music as intended, compared to the black dragon that gave the utopias a warmer sound. The dac I’d be using is the one in the sp1000 which I’ve found good with my iems. I haven’t personally tested it much with the utopias.
  3. Thanks for your thought! I’ll have a look at the options! as I only see myself using the single ended outputs and not the balanced do you believe will power the utopias better? Like the look of the Topping A90 so interested in hearing what @BlueOceanBoy has to say
  4. I liked the idea of the ifi because of its semi portability, but then found the Asgard because it is a good performer at its price. As I think I only need a amp as the DAC in the sp1000 is pretty decent? my budget was going to be around $1000, am prepared to go alittle more for the right product. im using a cardas clear cable with a 1/4” if that helps
  5. Hello im after a headphone amp to pair with my focal utopias and can’t decide between schiit audio Asgard 3 or the ifi micro idsd black label. i will be using an sp1000 and a source. look forward to hearing your thoughts on these two or open to suggestions. Thanks
  6. Hello! My name is Michael, I’m a new member from Melbourne! just wondering if anyone is selling an sp1000 amp? Or know were to possibly find one cheers
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