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  1. Good luck, Andrew. Do let us know how you get on when you hook up your Schiit Mani. 🤞
  2. I have the Yamaha RX-V685 which has a Phono Input, but if I connect my ProJect TT to it this way, I have to turn up the volume on the Yamaha extremely high to get anything like decent volume, and doing this induces hum and noise. I use the inbuilt phono stage in the TT to my amp via one of the analog audio inputs, and it sounds great, as you have found testing with your friend's TT, so I am leaving it that way. Unfortunately, you don't have that option, but you may find that the card for your Exposure will cost about the same as an external one. Good luck with it, and keep us informe
  3. Hi @Ruffter, Your turntable does not have an inbuilt phono stage (pre-amp), so I am assuming you are connecting it to MM card you mentioned you have in your amplifier. I assume this card acts as a Phono Input. This is most likely your issue - I had the same issue with my ProJect Hi-Res, bypassing the pre-amp on the turntable and connecting directly to my Yamaha Phono Input. This required turning up the amp to a ridiculous level - +10dB or so to get any volume out of the Phono Input on the amp - at this level there is a lot of hum and other noise. My normal (
  4. Good luck - Still under warranty? Still have the box?
  5. I agree with @12ax7b - a "knocking" noise. If it is happening on every record, then the noise is being generated by the turntable. I don't recall a mention of what brand/model of turntable it is? I suspect it is a Direct Drive model, and this could be some motor noise or mechanical vibration which is being transferred to the cartridge/stylus via the platter. Can you spin the platter without playing the record, and is there any knocking coming through the amp?
  6. Thanks for that, @pwstereo. With the information from your answer, I have checked my Yamaha RX-V685 specs for the Phono Input - Input sensitivity/impedance - 3.5mV/47 kΩ - this seems to match up with what you have quoted for the MM cartridge. I am getting my new turntable today which has an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge pre-installed. Looking at the specs, it fits with my amp as it has an output voltage of 5.5mV at 1000 Hz and a recommended load resistance of 47 kΩ. This cartridge is a big step up from the one on my existing turntable, so keeping my fingers crossed🤞 Thanks a
  7. @monaro8 This is a good point. When using the Phono Input on an amp & turntable, is it normal to have to pump up the volume more than you would for other line-level inputs such as CD, etc? I have a Yamaha RX--V685 which has Phono Input to which I have connected my turntable (pre-amp bypassed), but I find I have to bump up the amp volume significantly as opposed to other inputs. Does this sound right? Given the signal coming from (effectively) the cartridge is very small, I guess it makes sense, but just wondering if you/others can advise?
  8. Hi @Peter-E, Thanks for the reply - I assume one has to pull the 'table to bits to add the new liquid? What is the new liquid and where can I get some?
  9. Oh, right - I didn't notice the small platter, the first IIIs I looked for seemed to have the normal platter, but then I noticed one that had the smaller platter so they have obviously come out with a few different versions of the III.
  10. No offense taken, @gibbo9000 - didn't even enter my mind. I'm glad you are listening to your vinyl more! No, all I meant was for me it will be a good upgrade from my Audio-Technica. I am an avid MiniDisc enthusiast, so I spend a fair bit of time tinkering with them. One of the things I will be looking at is using the S/PDIF output from the turntable to record directly to my MD recorder
  11. @NordustOK, I didn't realise ProJect had been around that long. I had a quick look around and the Debut III looks basically the same as the one I am getting. If you are happy with it and it does what you want, no point in spending more. As you say the technology would have changed now, but the look is the same.
  12. @gibbo9000 Oh, fair enough. I think the HiRes will do me now - probably better than my current Audio Technica.
  13. No worries - I know I am commenting after 7 months, but I just happened to come across your post as I was poking around. All the best.
  14. @arthurp, what decision did you come to? I have just ordered the RECORDMASTER for myself, as an upgrade to my AT-LP120-USB - the cueing lever has gone in it. May be fixable, but wanted a new TT.
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