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  1. There is one for sale, I think it’s an A200 ?. 1990 era . There’s a couple reviews I’ve read that says it’s very good. Going for a good price and maybe better than my British Fidelity 172/Quad405 combination. I’m trying to balance how much I spend. Tks for the note.
  2. Hi everyone, I wonder if this is a good quality amp?, any knowledge on it?. Appears to be a 65 KW unit. Im in the hunt for a good Integrated amp. Thanks
  3. Well, Ive taken the plunge and purchased a used VPI Scout. Should get it Monday next week. Came without a cartridge so got a Ortofon 2M Blue fitted, bit more $, 6 year old unit, looks sharp. Good deal as well. Now off course ... a good Integrated amp is in order.... than speakers etc. Any suggestions of isolation pads , mat or other finer things always appreciated. Thanks for the help. Cheers
  4. Ooh, don’t start with the red. Blue or a different cart. Mr Relish Im so out of touch with TT's, cartridges etc, happy to take suggestions .... trying to keep the budget within reach.. thanks for the note , Much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have the M8 pre and M8 700 monos with AR90 and they are a really good match, recently had AR90 recapped ect, sound awesome , took a while to get them past the Mrs though 😃 Thanks, that's really good to hear, Ive had these AR90's in my garage and the cloth cover is in poor condition and I paid $90 from a garage sale for the speakers ... played it once and thought it sounded rather special , then put it away... may take it out and have a look again. Cheers
  6. Thanks xls8or, Im thinking the same, may start with a Ortofon 2M Red MM. Cheers.
  7. have both turntable/tonearm combos. If you want to follow the upgrade path, the Scout/JMW-9 combo is preferred as it offers more flexible options. However, the Concept/verify combo is also great if you feel there is no need to upgrade. Both combos are really good sounding to hold onto for many years - basically you can't go wrong with either. I would review the pricing of both and see which offers better bang for buck value before committing. Thanks , appreciate the guidance and yes the pricing is the trick as one if a used option. Cheers
  8. Any thoughts appreciated specifically on the VP Scout as a "used" unit. Seems in good condition but I don't know a lot about them. Have some interest as I have been looking at a Clearaudio concept (MM) at this stage as a TT purchase. Thanks
  9. Here's a left of centre suggestion for speakers ......... Yamaha ns 1000 m........ mine have new cross overs and they absolutely sing with Musical Fidelity gear...... at the end of my Trivista 300 the sound is gorgeous....... did A to B comparison for 2 weeks in house with Focal Utopia Micro BE and it was the Focals that went. The thing with Yammies is that you either love them or hate them so would try to get a demo somewhere/ somehow. If you like the sound then you can be very confident they will very well match MF gear as suggested above ..... or even the older MF A 300 integrated drove my Yammies really well ( released about 2001 with 150W of power that could " drive real world speakers like B&W Nautilus 804s with ease and distinction "- Soundstage review David Dowell Dec 2001 ) Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated, I think by nature we often stay with our perceptions of what's good... happy to look into it. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the note, Ive looked at a few systems with M6si + Clearaudio TT's and like that combo and perhaps good at this level at this stage.... yes, Speakers.. appreciate your views on a good match of floorstanders. B&W, Spendors ? I have a number of speaker sets inc a pair of Dahlquist Dq10 , so can play with these in the meantime. Thanks
  11. Congrats Silver Audiophile, Very impressive set up and love the Amps. I know Im now committed to the MF ... Im perhaps at the bottom of the slope. Have a nice day.
  12. Thanks Betty Boop, Speakers... oh well, yes... I have lots of them, all vintage and why I need a new start approach. I have a pair of Bose 901's (when Im nostalgic), Klipsch F26 (err... not too good), Quad 12 L (surprises me for the level it is)... AR90 (Acoustic research).... progressively they have moved from the house to garage and my wife threatens Im next.LOL... So I also need "nice" speakers. Figure Ill start with a nice Amp (MF) then TT (possibly Clearaudio concept... ready to buy) ..
  13. Thanks Betty Boop... appreciate the thoughts as the M6si $$$$ is a bit scary and also looked at the M5si ... then also thinking about M3si ???? ...so like most things in life trying to think ahead ie Turntable $$$$, then speakers $$$ ... all good fun off course as I love (all my life) navigating through complexity. Cheers
  14. Thanks David J for the suggestion, much appreciated. Im so much left field based on my existing system/s that trying to make a "tech leap" without a good handle on what's out there. Cheers
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