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  1. Thanks for the note, happened to be off the site for a while. Just noticed your thoughts on this. I invested in Maggies 1.7i. Great purchase from Bill Maclean. Still tuning it, seems to improve the sound very time I tweak. Awesome sound for vocals, classics, vinyl and good quality lay back music. Cheers
  2. Yes it has a 4 ohm tap, need to get into the unit to set it. Bill McLean set this up for me before he shipped it. I’ll check the pre-out, not sure. It’s so new I’m still understand the unit. I prefer Jazz, vocals so not pushing this too hard, I’d suspect . Thanks for the note , May be back to you cheers
  3. Hi Andy, I purchased a Rogue Audio Magnum 3 integrated tube. While it seems 'softer', I think my room seems to balance things out a bit, ie treble...bass etc.. Now the task is to get the right music quality on vinyl and CD etc... my vinyl feels like a 100 years old Cheers
  4. Decided to add some speakers to my system. Received Magnepan 1.7i. I’m glad I went to these in lieu of the .7s. After 3 days of setting up absolutely love them. Awesome base as well (was my concern) , soundstage and plays my VPI TT like a dream. First time playing a TT 20 years. Cheers
  5. One of my favourite styles of music in Vinyl. Love his music. Major loss to the film industry
  6. Ive got the baby bro of this the VPI Scout ... and this is about 5 levels better performance... well worth it in every respect.
  7. Thanks for the thoughts, thats a great perspective... Yes, was also thinking that, then Id need to go to a 1.7 which will probably provide a better base (?) performance capability. Couple problems, my much better half has been very supportive of my selections to date , so I tread carefully as the Maggie 1.7 starts to get quite large in "our" lounge and then there's the budget of course ?. Ive heard a few Maggies (LRS... .7... ) and impressed. There is so much knowledge on this forum that Ive been hoping someone has matched a Rogue Audio tube with a "good" conventional speaker that may have som
  8. Thanks pauloch7, Appreciate the comments and yes, there is so much hit and miss stories around Maggies, home listening appears the best assurance. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the note, yes Im moving in and out of the Maggies. I know like all speakers they are subject the specific room conditions they are in. then there's the base 'thing' or lack of etc,,.. its a few $, so just trying to get some views. Much appreciated.
  10. No I had not Bill, still relatively new ...so learning all the time, thanks
  11. Im at a point now where I need to make a call on some "nice" speakers. Amp: Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 3, tube integrated amp TT : VPI Scout 2 CD player : Cyrus CD8x & PSX power source So, choice of speakers. Not planning to spend more than $3K. Ive been looking at the Magnepan .7 ... Seems like a good match to the Amp, but happy to receive any thoughts. Ive been a bit out of touch for a long while so the above are recent purchases. Thanks
  12. Humbled by so many great systems on this topic, here’s mine as I keep building : Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 3 tube amp, VPI Scout 2 TT, Cyrus CD8x + PSX , Canare 4S11 Quad pair with Nakamici banana end and Morrow MA2 with RCA interconnects, Speakers AR93 (next upgrade.... perhaps Magnepan .7) Cheers
  13. Hoi Maarten, Welcome and you will likely consume a few hours on this forum, Its a great one. Enjoy Regards Michael
  14. To compliment my Rogue Audio Magnum3 tube amp and my VPI Aries Scout 2 TT, I received today my Cyrus CD8x and PSX-R Power supply.... looking forward to playing CDs at a new level to my NAD 5420. Thanks to a Stereo net seller.
  15. Restarting my interest in Hi Fi recently ,Ive refreshed my system with Rogue Audio Magum 3 , NAD 5420 and an old pair of AR93's, using Monster cable. Ive not been overly convinced on speaker cable value to the sound but ventured into purchasing a set of 3 metre Canare 4S11 Quad pair with Nakamici banana ends (bought them as made up assemblies). I was absolutely blown away with the change in sound quality. Fresh, detailed but not aggressive , FULL soundstage and certainly not fatiguing. Heard instruments I had not heard before. I sat and listened for hours to classical, Jazz and vocals.
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