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  1. I have a BBA, but frankly don't use it very often.
  2. Looks like the microscope does a good job. They can pay for themselves...or least save you money in situations like that.
  3. Reviving this thread, BUT it is hard/impossible to lump all AT carts into one thread. AT MM carts require phonostage capacitance settings of -0-, or maybe 47/50pF, in order to sound their best...period. Without a low capacitance setting, it's not even fair to compare them to anything else. AT MC carts are more variable in load settings, so can be compared more evenly with other MC offerings. Full disclosure: I am a bit of an AT fanboy, but more on the MM side. IMO the MC playing field becomes level much quicker.
  4. I can vouch for the PS Audio Stellar Phono pre. It allows for one MM input and one MC input. The MM input has a fixed capacitance of 100pF, so one needs to keep that in mind. I am a bit of a PSA fanboy, so full disclosure 😀 It is VERY quiet and dynamic. I wish it had a 47/50pF or -0- zero capacitance load for Audio Technica carts, but other than that, it's my best pick at the moment. The MC settings are sort of limitless with the 'Custom' dial settings for impedance load. The remote is very nice with the ability to change between MM and MC input, gain, and impedance load...also a Mute button. Build quality is excellent And it should be mentioned that the PSA Stellar Phono has fully-balanced, XLR outputs. That's kind of a big deal.
  5. For RCMs, there are also DIY cleaning solution formulas. A good quat is essential. Here's some food for fodder: https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=104087
  6. Congrats, Chris. Can you capture some images to share?
  7. Hi guys, Nice to see an active thread about the Puffin. I need to get mine back out, and do both the firmware upgrade, and the SPDIF output upgrade. I remember my initial thoughts being it is remarkably quiet (as already mentioned in this thread), and a tweaker's delight/demise. Initially, I was only tweaking albums...but eventually, I was tweaking every song 😄 I also remember enjoying the harmonic feature and thinking, "Huh, so tubes can be applied via DSP". The vertical cable orientation was a bit of a nuisance for me...in my setup...but it can be mitigated. I think guitar players like the fact that it resembles a pedal effect. Anyway, I'm inspired to put mine back into the chain! EDIT: Btw, I want to reiterate how responsive Shannon Parks is with the emails. He seems to answer them all himself, at almost any hour, and that is quite impressive.
  8. Thanks guys. Looks like he runs the gamut on music genres. Nashville is much more than a country music town.
  9. Compulsory introduction here. I'm on a few other forums as well, so hopefully don't embarrass myself here 🙂
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