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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I looked at the amp on gum tree omg it's beautiful! Its just a smidgen out of my price range tho and I'd prefer to test on my speakers (In Melbourne) before I buy my next amp.
  2. Is that the purpose of those holes or are the holes for some of function? For the Q acoustic speakers perhaps.
  3. Hi, are the holes in the top plat so you can attach a larger plate for a bigger speaker? (Looking to support KEF Q350s)
  4. I've been reading constantly over thew last few days and now I'm starting to think maybe going with a newer amp that has HT bypass will be a better solution for me. Does anyone have any good starting spots to research amps that have HT bypass? A link to a thread on here perhaps? Or just a few amp models I should look at? Thanks!
  5. Thanks surprise, I considered this option but it limits my amp choice to new ones with bypass. How do you like your Rotel?
  6. Thanks so much for the replies to everyone. You've given me a great amount of things to consider and digest. I will update with my progress.
  7. Given the great advice I've already got in the last day, I'd like to purchase off someone in the community if I can.
  8. Whoa what a theory. Like an abumlance chaser but for stereo gear! I actually saw the Sansui the other day myself when i first started looking into this! Glad I was on the right track. Am I right to think I might find something with a bit more power, the 881 for example and in better nick/full refurbished.
  9. Ah thank you! I've always wondered that. I don't need the radio function as I would stream the radio, but if a receiver came up and ticked all the other boxes, I wouldn't say no just because it has an extra feature I don't need. Now that I know this though it will make searching a lot easier. thanks!
  10. Now I feel like I'm on the right track. If I was to stick with Sansui, Yamaha and Marantz say, can anyone throw out some 70's/80's models of these brands I can focus my attention on?
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