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  1. Gotcha! I prefer detail over outright loudness - well until the day the kids transition to teenage years and have parties
  2. The Sonetto’s don’t sound bad with the Marantz - I like the pairing and I don’t listen loud at all. I love the overall balance the speaker is able to maintain with music. I had paired the speakers with the Musical Fidelity M6i as well, and it created a slightly different sound - I prefer the warmer marantz pairing as it complements the SF tonality a tad better (my amateur ears).
  3. Thanks for the guidance. Much appreciated. I currently run the stereo setup with the Marantz PM14S1 (pubished 140 watts + 140 watts into 4 ohms). Would that be under powered, you reckon? If so, how would I beef up the power in this case? I've got comon feedback that SF's like a bit of juice Cheers
  4. I think this is a great way to look at it.....thank you
  5. This is an important improvement I feel. I watch a bit of TV late evenings - with the kids in bed.
  6. I think you're absolutely correct. I agree with movies, too much distraction to clearly identify.
  7. Hey mate - yes I do agree. I have a separate stereo only setup in the second living room where I have Sonetto Vs with a Marantz PM14 - and there is a big difference in sound between than, and the HT (living room) where the Marantz AVR is driving SF centre, and SF Sonetto2 standmounts+JBL rears. Just that I couldnt tell the diff in the HT setup between pwr amps - but, Tweaky (above) makes a very valid point.
  8. Thanks for the message. Yes I bought them new. The Olympica III’s must be magical I am looking forward to the music getting better as I put on the hours.
  9. Alright - here goes: I run my home theatre with: - A Marantz SR6014 AVR - Dual JL Audio 12 inch subwoofers - Sonus Faber LR & C channels - Old JBL as rears - so a total of 5 channels I’ve been contemplating a power amp upgrade as some reliable sources tell me that the AVR is probably not driving the speakers to their potential. Fair enuff. I was lucky enough to try two different power amps at home over the last week - won’t name the brands but they were reportedly over 250 watts into 5 channels (4 ohms), and retail for over $5
  10. hahaha - signs are showing. I am watching the "classifieds" section like a hawk - I don't know what I am looking for right now, but my inner voice tells me there will be a good deal, and I would need that product all of a sudden
  11. Hey mate - congrats on setting up your dad’s listening area. I find the tonality of SF quite pleasant. I auditioned a number of other popular brands before acquiring these. Not sure if it varies too much between models, and I have my floor standing Sonneto Vs being driven by marantz pm14 and it sounds quite musical - and as you say “sweet”. They’re on almost all day and I love the enveloping touch and tonality - I cant get enough. I just wanna listen more
  12. Thanks ALL for your help with the options. I was informed that the Elektra had a massive lead time (a bit uncertain), so now my options are: - wait for a long time - wait a couple of weeks for the Chord, or - new idea - a Parasound A52+ As always, thoughts and advice welcome ....
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