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  1. Hey, I am pondering buying a copy of Marillion - Misplaced Childhood and wondering whether a VG 1985 original pressing will sonically offer me anything more (pops and crackles aside) than a recent new copy - both are similarly priced?
  2. Note to self: Sun drying not recommended in Australian climate.
  3. Also, just remembered the other issue I had with the Officeworks gum was static electricity - as soon as I peeled the record would attract every bit of dust in the room. That doesn't so far seem to be a problem with the bought stuff.
  4. My fat fingers and impatience mostly. A couple of times I damaged the playing surface when trying to remove 'blobs' of gum that hadn't peeled off properly. The VRC stuff dries more to a consistency of the goo that they used to stick things to the covers of magazines (and the manufacturer also recommends a strip of sticky tape to clean up and blobs).
  5. Having inadvertently trashed some records using the Officeworks gum method of cleaning, I thought I would try out a branded recorded cleaning glue. Revirginizer is hard to get hold of online (or in Canberra) so I ended up with a bottle each of Revive! and Restore! from https://vinylrecordcleaningsystem.com.au/ I'm happy to say I've experienced good results with both. I was surprised that the recommended amount of fluid per side is only 5-6mls, which is tiny compared to the amount of gum I was smearing on (maybe that was why it went wrong). The Revive! says it is meant to be for
  6. Hmm, is widely out of stock -- need to find me a dealer
  7. Do you mean a wet wash? I accidentally destroyed a record I was experimenting on with the face mask peel off method (I ended up with a blob that refused to peel and scratched the surface trying to get it off), so have been paranoid since.
  8. I discovered my parents copy at 14 (I was an angsty teen, it was perfect for moody introspection). Wish I'd looked after better and that I still had it.
  9. Buy coincidence I picked up a copy through the SNA classifieds yesterday. Listening to it was what prompted me to think about the original.
  10. Thanks, I see the big black sticker Billy mentioned
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