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  1. Thanks, it doesn't have a Technics type slider with a 0 position, just a faster/slower adjustment for speed. Once moving the speed is stable, but I often find I need to make minor adjustments against the strobe before it settles on the correct speed.
  2. Thanks to the OP and all contributors to this thread. I have had great success with the Studymate glue method. Patience in leaving the glue to be 100% dry is the best advice I have to offer. One question I had though, other than a wet wash immediately afterwards, does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with the static charge the records have once the glue has been peeled? thanks again.
  3. 1. I guess I want to make sure I am doing it 'properly'. If I'm honest I often fight to get the record back into an overly crinkled inner sleeve and then back into the cardboard. Was hoping there was a miraculous method I've missed. 2. I currently have a copy of the Crossroads OST attached to an old USB cable, smeared in clear gum glue and drying in the wind. It's not that I am not experimenting 3. Not sensitive, just again want to ensure that I am following the ritual and not doing the wrong thing. 4. Point taken. 5. Will keep looking for an answer. thanks
  4. I was after some clarifications from things I've read, but was to ignorant to comprehend. 🐵 1. Correct storage of viny: Spine of record goes into sleeve opposite the side this is open. Spine facing out on the shelf. Record in inner sleeve, goes into cardboard 90 degrees to opening or opening facing out? 2. Fact or fiction: all second hand records need cleaning before use. Is spin clean or in the sink with washing up liquid, or clear gum glue the most effective way? 3. Should I be wearing cotton gloves when handling my collection? 4. How do the Japanese pressings seem so clean? 5. I have a JVC direct drive turntable that is built like a tank. Even when it is off I've noticed the turntable judders ever so slightly, like it wants to start spinning. Any clues what might cause that? plus any tips others have picked up along the way?
  5. The Bluesound Node 2i keeps coming up as the direction to head in. Can anyone please suggest suitable speakers to pair with it? Also, at that price point what turntable should I be looking towards? (happy to invest more to avoid the plastic fantastic models). thanks again. 🐵
  6. Went to Duratone today for the first time -- what an awesome place with just as awesome staff!!
  7. Surely you agree that it is a bit flimsy and not worth the $450+ price tag that eBay sellers are currently asking? I also find the Spotify integration flakey and the interface odd..
  8. I own a Sangean WFT-3D which I bought in 2016 from eBay for around $350. I would not spend the $450+ today. There has not been one single firmware update since I bought mine (which is my measure of how much the manufacturer cares or doesn't about its products). There are only 5 presets from the front panel -- but I didn't find this an issue on DAB as all stations are menu selected. The last station feature I think refers only to the internet radio function. There are also very similar looking products at much cheaper prices:
  9. This particular record came from a seller in Fyshwick. He always give me a discount and faulty records are seldom. I just feel bad about taking something back. Similarly I had purchased a copy of Paul Simon's Graceland for $15 from the shop in Kambah that sound weirdly distorted. I assumed in my ignorance that a better copy must cost $30+? Like you say there is a scramble to own all the vinyls (sic) that is pegging prices of poorly cared for records artificially high.
  10. Question around the etiquette of buying vinyl: in the past I've bought stacks of ungraded of vinyl from second hand stores. In the shop I don't inspect every record, because mostly I find everything looks fine under strip lights. However when I play it at home the record is unlistenable. Most recently I picked up for $20 a copy of Script for a Jester's tear, which looks and sounds like it fell off a motorbike and slide along the road. Do I just accept this as buyer beware and only by graded record where I feel there would be more comeback? What do you do with unplayable copies?
  11. Sold if still available. Message me if it is, with total inc postage and how to pay you. thanks!
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