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  1. Thanks to everyone with the comments so far. It is certainly welcoming to someone new to this community. Definitely going to start with speakers now and what else comes after that, biggest hurdle is won't be able to get out and about until late September if we are lucky so plenty of time to do more research online before I head out.
  2. Thanks, I drive past Selby everyday always thought they were cheap as brought stuff off them about 10 years ago might have to stick my head in again. I will check out others when the apocalypse is over.
  3. Thanks, nice to have a setup at work. Yes the Technic SL-10 does look cool. We are about to be locked down further in Melbourne so plenty of research over these couple of weeks. thanks for your comments
  4. Thanks for your advice, I was planning on starting with speakers first. The hard thing is we are in lock down in Melbourne so who knows how long before I can venture into the city to listen to some. I was also planning on having a sub. But will get out on about when I can to listen to different speakers it may lead to bigger in the end.
  5. Thanks was_a for your comments. Yes Music Genre is 80's onwards not so much rock a little Van Halen, Midnight Oil but a mix of modern including electronicia. This stuff is so overwhelming so just don't where to start was going to that retro look. Any other suggestions for speakers Thanks for the tip on the Graham Slee phono stage.
  6. Hi All, Looking at getting a setup to listen to my old viynl from the 80's onwards. I have around $7.5k to spend and tend to choose things on looks 😬. Looking at getting an Amp, TT and Bookshelf speakers. I have a rough idea what I want but really have no idea about the individual components if they go together, etc so looking for some feedback please. I am currently using an old Yamaha 7.1 receiver with the floor speakers and sub to match with a old Pioneer PL-120 TT so anything is going to be better. Amp I was thinking of the new Yamaha A-S1200. Mainly becau
  7. Hi All, newbie trying to learn all about Hifi as I can finally appreciate nice things as opposed to listening to Moscow on a Toshiba turntable in the 80's
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