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  1. It's a good one alright. I was lucky enough to snag one of the 50 'mystery bag' variant. I was expecting it to be similar to a liquid filled LP, it looks like two single sided 12"s sort of glued together around the outer edge. I haven't tried playing it, that's what I got the $5 note variant for.
  2. Jeez, I can't believe I've been stewing on this since mid July (I still haven't ordered one). I did a bit of reading over the last couple of months and what I'd gleaned is that you're better off pre-cleaning particularly-grimy-records. Think of LP's covered in mildew, decades old & hard-set oily fingerprints etc. I know for sure that some folks just throw whatever records in(to their fully-automatic units) and if they don't come out clean, they just put them in again. But as @wikeeboy mentioned this would speed up your consumption of distilled water, cleaning solution(s) and de
  3. I've been running a Raspberry Pi 4B in my living room as a Plex server for a while now and have been wanting to see just what I can squeeze out of it for audio purposes. My AV receiver is lacking features like Bluetooth or even wifi for audio purposes, but it is recent enough to sport HDMI inputs and a DAC better than you'll find on the Raspberry Pi (what's on-board is pretty bad). I stumbled upon a (recently updated) install script that gives me most of what I was looking for. rpi-audio-receiver A simple, light weight audio receiver with Bluetooth (A2DP), AirPlay, Spotify Con
  4. Thanks for this, I think I'm pretty much sold on buying one despite still not having pulled the trigger. I'll have to give this a read. What has really sold me on US cleaning is probably this write-up here: http://www.high-endaudio.com/Ultrasonic.html I've also been meaning to try get through this thread: They are simultaneously so easy and yet so difficult to justify. I'm a collector with at least 2k records, I'm also a small time dealer. Between my personal collection and "stock" there's easily over 1000 records currently waiting to be cleaned. I know
  5. This is the only Dual I've had. I don't think I'll hold onto it, really awkward for manual use. If the arm-lift is up, trying to move the tone arm feels like you're about to break something. Those motors can get really hot, too. Was about to say the same! What's it made of?
  6. I picked up an old integrated amp yesterday, Kenwood KA-2600 (with a Pioneer TX-9500 tuner). Untested and missing it's plug, frayed wires and all. I've been able to wire it up for brief testing and it does power up, though I haven't tested for functionality. It does look neat though. A friend mentioned something about the potential for asbestos content in old power cables though and it got me wondering. Googling around yields images of house wiring with cloth outer. The cable I'd been cutting/stripping did have a white paper insulation as well as what looked like
  7. Nicer to look at than anything. Very messy signal chain here too, one of the (dual) tape outputs is run through a boring modern AV receiver. Thank goodness it's not my main system. Dual 1214 (AT 120E, Jico stylus), Teac A-450 tape, Realistic STA-52 receiver.
  8. Inspired by this thread, I pulled mine from storage (no easy feat, it's packed in there) and fired it up. Lo and behold the lamp isn't dead at all... but it still doesn't work properly. So disregard my prior waffling, because I've been barking up the wrong tree about where the issue lies (I think?) I'll be opening it up when I get the chance and I'll posting my progress (struggles) if I make any.
  9. The guys running the place seemed pretty knowledgeable and easy to talk to, but yeah off-centre pressings I've found quite common with them. I use a bic pin, insert nib first and apply light force and twist while holding the opposite side label. I've managed to correct (or at least significantly improve) most of the off-centre records I've had from them. Be careful! It's easy enough to slip and drag the pen across the entire playing surface, rendering one side unplayable. I speak from unfortunate experience. I'm with you on wanting to push them to improve, but I get the
  10. Yeah I figured it would work pretty similarly, I'm more curious about how nicely it dries (i.e. does it leave obvious droplet residue etc) Is there much difference in performance with soft vs hard water or do the filters in fully-auto cavitation units handle this? At a pinch, I have used a DataVac in the past for some crude kitchen-sink/detergent record cleaning. Worked reasonably well but it did seem to leave some slight residue despite rather thorough rinsing and what I believed to be fairly soft water. But hey what do you mean by spinner box, like a sp
  11. It's a shame to have bad things to say about the only operational pressing plant in Australia, but here we are. Grimy records are one thing but they really need to get it together with aligning their stampers, there's gotta be some real wacky tolerances in how they're mounted/positioned. I've noticed this less with Anti Fade releases though, maybe Billy's a tough customer?
  12. For the past 5+ years I've been using a home made vacuum based RCM. Took a small coffee table, platter & bearing from a busted turntable, VPI 16 to 16.5 upgrade kit, shop vac and some hose to connect them. It's served me well, but takes up more space than it deserves and it isn't exactly a neat & tidy (or quiet) unit. Besides this, it's fairly laborious to use what with the platter being hand-turned so I'm looking for an upgrade. Having been cleaning records one way or another for 15~ years now I've gotta say, the idea of a unit that lets me: plonk in a record, push a coupl
  13. I've owned one of these for a while, it needs work. Only half of the cantilever remains, but I wanted to test the general tone-arm functions since it uses soft/auto controls. It would appear to cue correctly, but would then immediately trigger the auto-return. It's been in my too-hard basket since testing (don't ask how long). Turns out that a friend also owns one of these units and they mentioned that theirs also needs repairs - but he seemed to know what needs doing. There are some cutouts in the platter for sensing light (used to detect record size), whic
  14. Now I did glance through the Website Guidelines, so hopefully this isn't too spicy. Private Function recently took preorders for their upcoming LP titled 'Whose Line is it Anyway' Three variants, one of which is limited to only 50 copies and sold as a "mystery bag" edition at $100 a pop. It has since been revealed just what those 50 lucky(?) buyers are in for... Of course this has got to be some kind of vitamin supplement powder or something else equally boring, but it's a spectacle for sure. I'll be sure to give mine a t
  15. If I had to think of a silver lining to COVID-19 (and losing my job to it)... It'd be something about the time I can now devote to spinning black pieces of plastic. If this continues, I might get a chance to fix up some of the audio gear I've hoarded over the past few years too. The name should be a dead giveaway for what kind of noise find particularly appealing ?
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