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  1. 100% PC. Game is way prettier than on any console and runs way smoother.
  2. I dont like Fortnite its to hectic with all the building. If I want to play a good fps then I play CS:GO or Rainbow Siege.
  3. So far, this does not feel like a AAA Sony first party game in the technical department. Graphics are artistically nice, and it has some nice effects like the grass, clouds and the bucketload of particles are pretty cool and impressive. But not so good the animations stand out to me. Lip syncing is not very good, faces are too stiff. Floating bodies also look like from a 2003 game. I can't see how some people compare this to other open world games, much less to high end PC games. Thankfully, gameplay is king and I'm enjoying it much more than TLOU2. If this is Sony's swansong for the PS4,
  4. I would just go for an Nvidia card because of the rtx and dlss 2.0 . This technologyis amazing
  5. If the price is like the reports say I have to get it. It a great value for the money.
  6. Ill have to try Nioh .
  7. Red Dead Redemption II The Witcher 3 Horizon Zero Dawn God of War Call of Duty modern warfare (though black ops 4 is my fav still) Detroit become human
  8. I have a few headsets that I’ve used with the PS4 Requires USB Dongle: PS Gold Headset (amazon 15) – Nice to have audio profiles – Does a decent job of simulating 7.1 – Can charge and use at the same time – Works well with PC – has 3.5mm jack for use while battery is dead Sony PS3 Wireless Headset (amazon 5) – it does a meh job of simulating 5.1 – it looks ugly, poor battery life, ears get hot, can’t use while battery is drained, no 3.5mm jack Plugged into PS4 Controller: Beats Studio Wireless 2 (amazon 9) – I love my beats and you’ll not take them away fr
  9. Did you see the review of the PS5 gamepad? It looks really interesting and has some good features.
  10. I guess I have to do that, if that doesn'thelp then Ill give up
  11. I'm hoping that Sony are offering free upgrades on their games the same way Microsoft are, so if you buy Fifa 21 on the PS4 then when you buy a PS5 then it'll upgrade Fifa 21 to the PS5 version for free.
  12. Thanks! I will definitely try the game out now-.
  13. Drivers for my graphics card are up to date. I tried some solutions that are suggested online but nothing helps.
  14. I was originally thinking about buying a M10-D but the idea of the camera being more "pure" is nice. Don't need the wifi or that weird thumb grip. But the M-D sensor is not as good. Or is it? Is it a nice leica to buy in 2020? Where is the best place to find them in great quality?
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