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  1. I recently got focal clears as well and thought the clamping force was too tight, i read some suggestions you can bend the metal arms that stick out of the headband but i wouldn't suggest that on headphones so expensive. For me i just got used to the pressure and now they're very comfortable. Only issue im having is the pads/headband are changing color faster than i would like.
  2. That was my thinking too, but its been so long since i've done anything with my set up i was unsure. i'll keep an eye out for a stereo amp in the classfieds, or just buy something new if i cant find anything second hand
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm interested in upgrading my old desktop speaker setup for something new as i've had the current set up for years now. I listen to music off my pc and my set up is currently asus xonar essence one amp/dac > rca into Integra DTR 30.2 > B&W 685 v1 bookshelf speakers and a B&W asw 610 sub. I recently purchased a headphone amp and some headphones from the classifieds on this forum, and have been thinking of changing to a new dac to go with these, but my current asus unit is connected via xlr to the headphone amp, and via rca to my integra reciever to power my speakers so if i replace that i'd need something that can do the same thing. I'm not sure wether upgrading the speakers or the reciever would be the best option, i bought the reciever years ago with the intention to use for a home theater set up but never happened, so i would be happy with just a stereo amp now. WIth my limited knowledge i feel like upgrading the reciever would be the best option, but happy to be corrected and change the speakers. I also have access to some dali royal menuet II speakers but i think i prefer the b&w over those. Budget would be around $1500 but im happy to upgrade 1 piece now, then the other in the future. Thanks Ben
  4. Hi guys, just picked up a pair of focal clears today, love the build quality and all the extras. Is there a way to ease the clamping force? im not sure if i just have a fat head or im just not used to them yet. My previous headphones were shure SRH-1440's and were super light and weak clamping force where as the clear kinda feels like im being squashed. Loving the sound so far but its only been a few hours so im sure it'll only get better
  5. I got a pair of focal clears from a member on here, very happy with them so far but ive only had them on my head for about an hour haha. Thanks again for all the suggestions/advice to everyone in the thread
  6. Item: Focal clear / clear professional headphones Price Range: 1000-1400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a pair of focal clear or the clear pros, hoping (as unlikely as it is) that someone has a pair from the a2a sale stashed away or wants to move them on. Needs to be posted to melbourne as stage 4 lockdown means i cant leave the house
  7. I think i might just have to wait til dan andrews says we can go to the shops, or just take the plunge and buy some clears if i can find a good deal. I'm sure clears would be better than my old SRH-1440's and ive heard so many good things so i'm pretty confident in buying them without auditioning. Borrowing someone's headphones would be great but as you said probably a huge pain
  8. Music i listen to lives on a NAS and played through foobar, mostly all flac files
  9. I listen to a pretty wide variety of stuff. Rock, metal, acoustic, classical, edm, so one headphone probably wont be perfect for everything. I also game a bit so something that'd work for that as well as music would be great. I did get myself a drop thx 789 amp so i shouldnt have any issues driving most headphones
  10. Haha not yet! didn't end up getting those. Just gotta watch the classifieds/gumtree etc for a deal. I have seen the LCD-2C has gone down a bit, those are pretty tempting
  11. Are the clear professional the same just with a different color scheme and some more accessories? Pair on gumtree for $1395
  12. I'm not entirely sure what my preference is haha, i haven't tried new headphones for probably 8-9 years so i can't really compare to anything. I'm also in melbourne so i cant go an audition anything for the time being. Something a bit more clear but also with nicer bass than the srh1440 would be what im after, but as its been so long since ive tried anything i really have no idea what im after.
  13. Hopefully i can get to addicted to audio or somewhere and give them a go once the lockdown ends. What Fostex would you suggest?
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