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  1. Agreed, incredibly cool design! I’d be keen to check it out if not for being several states away ?
  2. Thanks heaps for your responses. @dlr cheers the Marantz looks great, if anything it seems overqualified. I don't tend to stream because I download everything new I find to my lifelong iTunes library. Perhaps I should upgrade my iPod Classic to something Bluetooth compatible... there is a lot to the planning and it does seem very worthwhile @Brian_S thank you, I read your thread about upgrades which was helpful too. I was aiming for 1k total and that RP6 is without a cartridge so with a pre amp which I'd need as well I'm looking at almost double, eek. I am looking for a
  3. Very good point, thanks mate. Way more possibilities
  4. Hi all, I'm hoping to get some advice from this pool of collective wisdom! While my set up has served me well since 2006 (my first big purchase at 15), I'm now in a position where I can think about upgrading. I'm primarily looking for a new turntable, budget around $1k. Although after a little research into all the variables I'm considering whether it might be worthwhile switching up the rest too! I'm currently using: - Yamaha AV receiver AX-V361 - Dali Concept 1 speakers I've got a little $50 Bluetooth adapter thing hooked up to the receive
  5. Hello all, it’s high time I did my record collection justice and upgraded. So here we go!
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