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  1. Loving rediscovering some bands on this thread! How about some old indie: Pavement - Summer Babe (Winter Version) Recording was a bit rough, but the kick drum comes through in the mix.
  2. I use AutoEq with my various headphones / iems. If you're a Windows user then most folks use AutoEQ with Peace: https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq#peace. Peace provides a GUI front end with AutoEq as a backend, this is much more user friendly and allows you to import your particular profiles, and also much easier to tweak the settings to suit your own preferences. The profiles attempt to get you close to the ideally measured target frequency, but I find that tweaking is always needed to suit many factors such as; the age of your pads, the seal achieved on your h
  3. 759 sold with 9 days left. The sold number seems to be see-sawing up and down a bit. Josh Valour in his youtube review said the HD8xx sounds a touch muffled compared to the HD800s... not a great selling point. Maybe a touch more tweaking is needed by Drop...
  4. I was licking my lips at this, and then that estimated shipping date came up.... damn it! In that time maybe Sennheiser has something else in the works???
  5. The ozbargain website has a TIDAL offer that still seems to work; https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/601180 A friend just used it and said all was ok. Just need to initially use the link via a VPN (U.K) and then you get the free Lidl offer for 6 months free premium, and then can you switch to Hifi for 3 months if you want. No need to keep connecting via U.K for ongoing usage. Pretty good amount of time for someone to give TIDAL a go if they we're thinking about it.
  6. Item: Schiit Asgard 3 Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: My L30 is now gathering dust and so I'm thinking an Asgard 3 should be a nice step up. Prefer without module, but can consider if it has one. Thanks!
  7. For any serial number 2011xxxx and below Topping are offering a refund or exchange, just contact where you purchased it from (if you're the first owner). I got mine refunded. It is important as the 2011xxxx and below units have had their opamps burning out, which in turn has destroyed headphone drivers and possibly launched some eardrums into orbit. The newer 2012xxxx have the DC protection fixed, and I've heard the even newer coming February models 2102xxxx may also have improved ESD protection.
  8. In light of recent events for the Topping L30's, it would be useful to provide the first four digits of the serial number for prospective buyers. Any serial number 2012xxxx upwards has the DC protection remedy and anything 2011xxxx and below is part of their re-call.
  9. I was doing some looking around at options for entry level amplifiers (Single Ended) and others may find this useful. Price (* exchange rate Jan 2021): Magni 3+ AUD$260 local / USD$99 + approx USD$50 shipping direct from Schiit (AUD$190*) Atom AUD$240 / USD$99 + approx USD40 shipping direct from JDS Labs (AUD$180*) Archel 2.5 USD$180 + approx USD$50 shipping direct from Geshelli (AUD$295*) L30 AUD$209 Build: Magni 3+ Metal enclosure Atom Plastic enclosure Archel 2.5 Metal / Plastic
  10. Item: Audio Technica ATH-R70x Price Range: Open Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: A long time ago I had Sennheiser HD600's and now getting back into audio and interested in getting reference grade headphones, and these popped up as a good alternative to try. PM me with what you have and price. Can pay via Paypal or EFT etc.
  11. Thanks for the response. The Topping L30 sounds like it's worth a demo and will give one a try on my next visit to A2A. Maybe a dac / amp stack is the way to go if I can't get an all in one unit.
  12. So I'm asking this question as recently I went to my local friendly ATA store to test some headphones (HD660s, Sundara, LCD-2C and Clear), and also brought along my trusty Sony MDR-EX1000 IEM's to possibly get a new portable amplifier. Their setup was via a laptop with Tidal to an iFi Audio Pro iDSD, and after going through the headphones I decided to give my IEM's a quick run on the Pro iDSD and holy cow wow, they were absolutely transformed with a much fuller detailed sound, just an absolute pleasure to listen to. I then plugged my IEM's into a portable iFi Audio xDSD and back a
  13. Item: Chord Mojo Price Range: circa $400 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking to acquire a Chord Mojo. I've had a look through these classifieds history and circa $400 seems to be reasonable for something in 9/10 condition. If there are other accessories then note these and their price. If you have one of these with a dead battery but it still fully operates via usb power then let me know and can negotiate a price, as I will get the battery replaced. Can pay via Paypal.
  14. Hi, New member intro... Morning is coffee (Axil coffee roasters) and music. Evening is port (Seppeltsfield Para) and music. Of course with some work in-between! With the current situation am away from my main residence for a while so reading up on what's new, and getting some portable gear to scratch the audio itch. Cheers! Paul
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