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  1. I messaged the chap on gumtree but I didn't get much of a reply and he has already lowered the price so may well be a con. I'm waiting on some more info on the au-101 from Facebook but the person is not very forthcoming so that may well be a road to nowhere. Anyway I'll keep on the lookout.
  2. In my research I have been drawn to vintage Sansui's although there aren't many for sale in Australia at the moment. So far I have located an Au-101 which has been serviced ( not sure of the exact work carried out) for $350. There is also an Au-555a on eBay for $750. Again I'm not sure how these would compare to the above amplifiers and if they are overpriced.
  3. Item: Sansui AU-555 Price Range: <$1000 Item Condition: Used Good or excellent Extra Info: I'm interested in purchasing a classic vintage Sansui integrated amplifier, not limited to the models I have listed. Happy to give the entry level models a go too. I would prefer an amp that has been serviced at some point and not faulty, not looking for a DIY project at the moment. Thanks! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will send out some enquiries. Are there any other good entry level vintage speakers folks would recommend looking out for?
  5. Thanks for your reply, I can't see any CA-800s available in Australia unfortunately. Would this be preferable to the other amps I have listed?
  6. I'm looking to get a basic set of speakers and amplifier as I am very much a beginner. Looking to get as much bang for my buck with some vintage equipment. I have seen a Kenwood KA6100 on Facebook market place that is under $300 but has been described with a fault of the A speaker channel not working. Does this mean the amplifier is in need of an overhaul or will I be fine to use it on the B channel? I have not yet purchased any speakers but I have seen some JBL L40 speakers on Ebay which I may bid on. Other amplifiers I have seen around the same price include a Nad 3140, a Yamaha AX700 and Rotel RA931mkii. Or would I be better off buying some new equipment for a bit more money. Thanks for any advice...
  7. Hi there, I'm a new member from Melbourne. I joined the forum to find out more information on buying a hifi for some vinyl I've been bought as a gift. I previously had a Sonos system but left them in the UK after moving out to Australia a couple of years ago. I have my eye on the Kef LS50s, I just need to figure out which amp to get. Thanks,
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