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  1. But with confidence, purchased off Craig before. Genuine seller, with extensive knowledge.
  2. Me too, stuck in the house all weekend, and spend all my time listening.
  3. Hi, Keen to get my hands on a new set of speakers (for now, followed by. a DAC), & keen to see what's out there, and what other members recommend. Source: Rega RP3 + Ortofon Blue Controler: Yamaha CX-80 Power amp: Yamaha MX-1000 Speakers: Aaron ATS-5 Room: 5 wide x 8 deep x 2.8 ceilings, overall good acoustics and few windows. Listen to: Rock, Indie, Jazz & have been collecting vinyl for about 5 years. Started out back in the day with a mini disc player. Followed by a pair of Sony MDR-F1.
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