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  1. Haha you done for the day mate you had your share....Yeah he actually sold it unfortunately.
  2. My bad thanks for the tip!. Told ya I'm a newbie...hehe
  3. Item: SVS 2000 Pro / 3000 / 4000 Subwoofer Price Range: Depending on the model, condition and warranty left Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: New member here so be easy on me. I might've just missed a few ones that come up here and hopefully there are some more left. Gloss black or Black Oak is fine but prefer the latter. Based in Sydney so local pickup/delivery is preferred. Hit me up if you have one you're considering parting with or know anyone that is.
  4. Hi I’m rock3tmai1 and new to this forum Im setting up my home theatre and would love to get valuable information on how to set it up Also looking to buy a subwoofer at a really good price Looking forward to meeting everyone and makes contact
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