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  1. It can be done easily enough, but yeah it’ll mean someone will need to pay for the monthly and then collect the payments each month from the other 5 people. Maybe I’ll do it after my 3 month trial expires lol.
  2. Anyone interested in signing up as a family together - we are all family here right? $36 aud per month for tidal hifi, split between 6? $6 a month…
  3. Further information: It’s surprising how close these get to perfect for closed back wireless headphones to my current favourites for mainstream music, the Focal Clear. I bought these to test them and adaptive EQ out, and via HeadPhone Accommodations on iOS custom adjustments I tweaked them to get to 90% of the tonality of the Clear, but never 100%. They’re also surprisingly open for a closed back pair of headphones, and the most comfortable can bar none I’ve tried. Of course it’s not fair, one is an open back wired can at the top of its game, the other are a closed back
  4. Further information: Great set of wireless cans that support all the codecs including LDAC (although I never saw the hype, it’s so transmission strength dependent). The ribbon planar drivers are amplified by THX AAA amps for no audible distortion at all volumes. These can also be used wired passively (meaning they’re acoustically tuned so you can use them without turning the power on, bypassing the circuitry). This is quite an achievement. I’m selling these and other stuff because I went a bit crazy over Christmas and bought a HiFiMan Arya, Focal Clear, Topping D90 MQA
  5. Further information: Stupidly, I bought this on December 23rd and then decided to repurchase an Arya and a Focal Clear. Suffice to say although these would be just great to have around, they’re not really going to get usage with the two flagships getting all my head time at the moment. These have been listened to a grand total of ONE time, and I bought these directly from the HiFiMan store shipped from overseas (to ensure i got the latest revision with the pad change that adds a lot more tasteful bass). These will come as new in the retail box. Photos:
  6. Honestly, it’s a stark difference. One is an entry level dac and amp combo that punches well above its weight, one is a mid- high tier dac amp in one that is desktop grade but also portable and using well respected and proven burr brown chipset. The combo will drive cans with plenty of volume but not the depth and sonic character the way the iFi does. Not to mention there won’t be channel imbalance issues due to being an all in one unit, and EQ on top of that alongside MQA rendering if that matters to you (it definitely did to me). It’s also upgradable - the iFi didn’t have MQA at launch.
  7. I had the modi 3 + heresy. Good combo for the money. I bought this to replace my combo.
  8. Hi Barry, Almost a year and it’s still under warranty. I don’t use Roon so can’t talk to my personal experiences. Have a look at this page: https://roonlabs.com/partners/ifi According to this the iFi Micro DSD BL is Roon Tested. There seems to be a difference in Roon Tested vs Roon Ready, explained at the bottom of the page.
  9. Further information: Selling this as it’s surplus now that I’ve got my Topping D90/A90 combo. The sound is clear, liquid and smooth with this dual burr brown dac amp. Although this can be used as a portable solution it’s just as capable with desktop use, putting a full 4W into 16 ohms and drove my HiFiMan Arya with aplomb. I’m not just talking volume-wise, I’m talking dynamic range and the richness of sound from these hard to drive planars. Has 3 power levels from IEMs all the way to power hungry full sized cans and even comes with built in EQ filters that non destructively add
  10. Have had lots of offers on this. please bear with me, I will contact you as the PMs have arrived in my inbox.
  11. Further information: Barely used, bought these from Apple store locally in October 2019 for an upcoming travel trip I anticipated going ahead in December which didn’t eventuate. I’ve probably used and recharged them less than 6-7 times in the entire period I’ve had them. They will come with all the tips, included faux-leather case pictured, and retail box as usual. Happy to provide proof of purchase although these are in basically as new condition cosmetically and functionally. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing wh
  12. Damn. Great price, if I didn’t have a pair on the way I’d have jumped on these.
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