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  1. New to hifi and recently bought a Sonos Amp as I have a Sonos One little man speaker. I have just started so have hooked my turntable (pro-ject recordmaster III) up to the Sonos Amp and connected the One. Now i'm looking at a more traditional hifi setup with passive speakers, sub etc. My question is - do I need an old school receiver if I already have the Sonos Amp? I know technically I can run passive speakers, a sub and also connect my TV through the Sonos Amp, and I can also run some more Sonos gear in multi-rooms which is why I like that idea. BUT, if I had an old school receiver (looking at a Yamaha CR-620 or similar), would this sound better than running everything through the Sonos Amp? Are new speakers (say KEF-LS50) going to sound better through the Sonos Amp and old speakers (say old JBL monitors) going to sound better through the Yam CR-620? Is there a way I can connect both so I get a more traditional sound through the old receiver and still get the flexibility through the Sonos Amp? This is probably the ideal scenario. Thanks DS
  2. Thanks heaps. Have found some good info online about cleaning out pots so should be a good first project to open them up and check out all the moving parts. Cheers DS
  3. Thanks all I'm going to stay away from the gumtree JBLs based on some advice from a good bloke... too far gone I think. I just went and auditioned the 670s and overall they sounded good and are in good condition, but when I put my ear up against one of the tweeters and moved the high level control from high to low, the whole tweeter cut out. When you left the control in a particular spot it would play normally. The same thing happened with the other speaker on the midrange but you would just hear a static sound and then the midrange would play normally in any control position. I don't know if this is a problem with the capacitors or the whole crossover? Would this be a deal breaker or could I discount the price to account for getting these fixed? Are they worth $500 in this condition? It's either go with these for a reasonable price or wait for a good pair of JBL monitor/white woofer series (4311, 4312, 4412, 4410, 4408) but these will probably cost me more than $500 in good condition. DS
  4. Hi, I'm new to hi-fi and working on my first setup. I have a pro-ject recordmaster turntable and a sonos amp (because i want that flexibility), but i am moving towards older speakers. Yet to decide on a sub setup. I'm choosing between the Yam 670s or the JBL 4412A's. Keen to get thoughts from someone who knows a bit more than me! Thx DS
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