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  1. Definitely NAC A5....great sounding cable, especially for Naim gear. GLWTS
  2. Great CD Player...Have owned one since I bought it new in the UK in 1999. Amazingly robust and quality player. I highly recommend and worth the purchase price.
  3. I have these on my speakers and they made a huge difference to improving the sound. Tighter base, better separation of the instruments in the sound stage. Great and relatively cost effective upgrade and a bargain at this price. GLWTS
  4. Love my Naim Uniti Star.....Naim's all in one units produce a quality of sound that is incredible and rivals so many separates systems in my opinion. With all the functionality and usability, this is hard to past. GLWTS
  5. I'll take a set please with Banana's both ends please.
  6. I'd like a box of white please. Have PM'd you. Cheers and thanks!
  7. I ordered M10 threads with my Gaia II's for an additional $38 per set (2 sets required) from selby.com.au So if you're still tempted by these if another sets comes up they are easily available from Selby. Great service from them.
  8. Go to the isoacoustics website and use their equipment calculator....input the gear you have and it will recommend the product you need in their range. https://calculator.isoacoustics.com/ This will ensure you get the right screw thread (GAIA II's come with M6 & M8 and you can buy thread adaptors from them as well if you have a M10 thread which is rare (but was required in my case and the calculator identified the need).
  9. I have Gaia II's on my Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands and they were an amazing upgrade. Well worth the money and GLWTS!
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