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  1. Truly stunning speakers George! Wish my budget could extend to these right now. They are an absolute bargain at that price, despite the minor cabinet markings. GLWTS. P.S. For any potential purchasers out there, know you can buy with absolute confidence from George. He is so knowledgeable, generous with his time and wisdom and experience. I bought my Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands from him. It was a real pleasure.
  2. Incredible unit at a bargain price. Purchaser will not be disappointed. I love mine! All the functionality you could want with the most incredible, musical and revealing sound. GLWTS
  3. Is it politically incorrect to comment that you have a beautiful rack there? GLWTS!
  4. This is a brilliant unit with incredible capability and sound. I have the Uniti Start (Model below this with 70w/ch) and the sound is incredible, revealing and highly rhythmic and musical, when partnered with high quality speakers and cables. At this price this is a bargain. GLWTS! Who ever buys this will be super lucky.
  5. I'm certain it would. Would leave my PS Audio Stellar P3 for dead. Wish I could afford the upgrade!
  6. That's one beautiful beefy unit. Love those Power Cord suspenders too. What are they? GLWTS
  7. I love these cables. Very well balanced, bring the highs to life but not in the way some cables over emphasise them. They are smooth and balanced and also excellent in the tight delivery of bass. The were a big upgrade to my system that was a bit too warm with my previous cables, and too bright with the Nordost Blue Heaven's I replaced them with. The Lenehan's hit the sweet spot.
  8. I've just added these to my system and the results were immediate and revealing. Highly recommend these cables. GLWTS!
  9. I'd love these.....just don't have the room. ?. Beautiful speakers in excellent condition. GLWTS!
  10. Incredible bit of kit and at an amazing bargain price. Sorry to hear you have to part with it. I love mine. The sound quality is insane. GLWTS!
  11. Definitely NAC A5....great sounding cable, especially for Naim gear. GLWTS
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