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  1. Beautiful speakers and George is a trusted seller and a fountain of knowledge. Great buy and he will look after you. Bought my Vienna acoustics baby grands from him. GLWTS
  2. Amazing unit! Incredible sound and does everything in a box. I love mine...these don’t come up often so grab it while you can....bargain at this price! GLWTS
  3. Welcome Joshua....you’ve come to the right place.
  4. Welcome! Try a post in the wanted to buy section 👍
  5. HI all, Looking for some advice from an Acram AVR550 owner/expert who can help with a problem. When streaming through spotify to the Arcam, the signal cuts in an dout, like the unit can't buffer the information. When I do a speed test on the network I am getting 50MBs so that should be heaps for streaming from spotify from my Iphone, yet it is choppy. Has anyone else experienced this and have any suggestions? Cheers, Craig
  6. A member on this forum has an ARCAM AVR850 which would so an amzing job for you at around your price point and will handle two channel music better than any other AV amp on the market int hat price range. It is nearly $9,000 RRP but secondhand you'll get one close to your budget. Have a chat to OverJP. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/143992-overjp/
  7. A member of this forum mentioned to me he had a pair of PMC Fact 12's coming into his possession. These would keep you in the PMC family if you love the sound and would definitely suit a large room. If you want his details I'll pass them on via PM. Let me know.
  8. Beautiful speakers. What are you upgrading to? Staying in the PMC family or moving to something different? GLWTS
  9. AVR550 amp has now been sourced. Thanks for your help all. Much appreciated.
  10. Apologies for the stupid question, but is there benefit in using these instead of speakers spikes into carpet and what effect would they have? I'm a complete newbiw to the world of isolation and keen to learn and if there is benefit, interested to purchase. Thanks!
  11. Good luck with your relocation. Would love to buy these but no budget at present. Loss for me!
  12. Love my uniti Star so this should be a cracker at an amazing price. GLWTS!
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